I’m somebody who gets…. attached to idea’s quite easily. Yeah, let’s say that.

Here is a sneak peak into what’s currently on my mind and images that are making me go crazy. Most of these are images that were sitting on my desktop after a moment of “oh, I’ve got to remember that one.” Perhaps this is an insight into what’s to come for the website and Couturing, as many of these often come up in meetings and brainstorms. Let me know what your thoughts are, I would love to get some images back from you guys as well telling me what your obsessed with. But that can wait.

Hmm… perhaps a crowd sourced photoshoot is a good idea. Scribbles idea down.


Geometric nails.

More a beauty shoot than anything, unless leaves are the new in thing.

A series of images by “I have no idea who.”

My dream house.

As Anna Dello Russo says, “Nothing says success like excess.”

Just so great. A bit grim, but so great.

Still from a film. Pictures say a thousand words.


Hope you’re feeling inspired.


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Thom Whilton

Thom Whilton is co-Founder and current Creative Director of Couturing.com. He has been published in a variety of publications for his written and styling work. Thom has been featured in Vogue.com.au, Weekend Weekly, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, M Magazine, The Vine and Everguide to name just a few. Thom was also Ambassador for the City of Melbourne (2012) has styled for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (2012) and his work has featured in Couturing and MX Magazine. He has also styled celebrities such as Delilah (Warner Music, supported Prince in tour), Nadia Coppolino and Silvana Lovin-Philoppousis.

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