Famous for playing Glinda in the Australian theatre production of Wicked, stunning performer Lucy Durack has taken on another iconic blonde, starring as the vivacious Elle Woods in Legally Blond the Musical. Couturing have been lucky enough to have Lucy give us an exclusive rundown of how she achieves the famous Elle Woods’ look.

Step 1

This is me- in my dressing room at theatre, after physical and vocal warm up- it is now about 45 minutes before the show starts.

Step 2

I ‘pincurl’ all my hair flat against my head- to make way for my wig. There is quite an art to pincurling- especially if you want to have vaguely ‘wearable’ hair after the show, finishes. I like to pin curl sort of like I would if I was doing directional rollers to create a sort of 40’s look- using my fingers as the rollers and sliding the curls off to then pin them flat to my head with bobby pins. After quite a lot of experimenting over the years- it seems to be the most useful for the wig department and user friendly afterwards!

Step 3

I then put on my rather unattractive ‘wig cap’ that is made out of stocking type material, pin in my microphone cord (I have two microphones in case one stops working) and do my make up. I use a pretty solid base which I then powder so it will last me to interval which is the next time I can refresh my make up. I apply fairly neutral creme and brown eyeshadows, slick on a decent amount of mascara and very rosy cheeks as the lights used on our stage have a lot of blue in them which can really wash you out if you’re not careful. I save my lips for later so the last think I do before dressing is brush my teeth and pop on my colour stay lipstick and gloss. I have to kiss 3 men within the duration of the show so I have to wear pretty heavy-duty lipstick to last the distance! After extensive testing- I’ve found the good old Covergirl Outlast range to be best for so much Showbiz Amour!

Step 4

My friend and Legally Blonde’s deputy head of wigs Jessica Murray arrives to have a chat and a giggle about the days events and put my wig on- which she has got ready up on a wig block upstairs in the Wig Room. She pins it down very thoroughly as I am about to do quite a lot of running, dancing and changing costumes (I change costumes 15 times during the show) and I wear this wig for the entire duration of Act 1- luckily Jess is exceptionally good at what she does!

Step 5

Teeth brushed, Lipstick applied and costume on I’m ready to hit the stage! Snaps!


You can buy tickets to see the amazing Lucy here.

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