Whether it’s an all out snow-white affair, laced extravagance, colour blocking, space-age silhouettes or ruche touches, white is right on trend for this season’s Spring/Summer.

This season’s looks ranged from the dainty, feminine grace of Emilio Pucci and Roberto Cavalli through to the futuristic flair of Gianfranco Ferre and Thierry Mugler.


Of course, white has always been a must have in every wardrobe, with the trend falling in and out throughout the years. This season, the monochrome trend stood on its own as a main motif for numerous collections.


Although a simple hue, wearing white can be tricky. Seen in collections of the likes of Calvin Klein, Jil Sander and Marni, the head-to-toe white look is one that is daring and sometimes difficult to tackle, whilst adding white to an outfit can result in a complete styling fiasco.


Couturing breaks down the monochromatic style staple and shows you how to work it into your look.



White works its magic with vintage. Slip into that lace dress that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for years as a family heirloom and pair it with some all-white accessories. Bone and ivory hues are also perfect with those chunky gold vintage earrings and cuffs.


Avoid white shoes unless they are minimal or have that sports luxe look. Sparkly, diamante-encrusted shoes are a no-no. Instead, opt for bright pops in neon or pastels to spice up your look, or a pair of nude pumps if you’re after a safer option.


All white calls for clashes of shade and texture, or an eye-catching, strong silhouette to mix things up. Think lace or scalloping details, mesh and sheer chest panels. Think peplum tops, cut-out dresses and sharp-shouldered blazers. Pair a crop top with a long skirt or button down blouses with minis. Different shade trousers will also go great with any white top. And never be afraid to layer.


If lace and monochrome is too much, colour blocking is easy and isn’t exclusively for “colour.” Pairing white with other hues is simple and right on trend this season. Make a statement with printed pants and a white top or go back to basics with black and white.


Mugler nailed this look with matte and sheen ensembles; leather pants with a simple, perfect white blouse.


White undertones are also a perfect addition to any outfit. As Rue du Mail did so elegantly this season, white texture and detail adds to any number and immediately makes it stand out. It can lighten up, or finish off an outfit. Pair neons and brights under a sheer white top to make a subtle statement. A simple white wash finish can also tie an outfit together.


Menswear has also seen the adoption of the white trend. Oversized white shirts and t-shirts are perfect for summer, whilst a tailored button-down is great for the upcoming racing season.


Kris Van Asche exploited white earlier on in the year with a collection solely devoted to appropriating the humble t-shirt. Simple, clean white and light blue tops rounded off the collection. This look recurred throughout New York Fashion Week, with designers opting for more modern interpretations of traditional tailoring and summer staples in white.


For men’s styling, mix lights with dark or bright colours to avoid dull and washed out outfits. Alternatively, layer everything from shades to textures to add an extra twist to an outfit.


As fashion month wraps up, it’s clear that white is more than just a hue. With its boundless creative potential and simplicity, white lends itself to easy styling and a season must have.


So mix it up and embrace white this season. Balance textures and shades, find intricate white notes to finish an outfit off, or head-to-toe if your feeling daring with this season’s style staple.

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