Rae Morris and Kenneth Stoddart created sleep and clean lines as part of the beauty look created for the Premium Runway 5 Presented by Harper’s Bazaar at VAMFF. We went behind the scenes to find out exactly what went into the beauty look.


Harpers Bazaar_Priceline Pharmacy (1)This look was inspired by the 70s with subtle shades of caramel and chocolate brown on the eyes, with caramel lips, contoured cheeks and slick full brows.

The nude base was created with L’Oreal Paris Tru Match Foundation with a dusting of the L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Powder. To create the colour of the eyes, Rae used L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Quads 4-in-1 Eye shadow in Infinite Bronze and used an Australis Eye Pencil in Brown Devil. Eyes were given that 70s finish with Manicure Glam Eyes Bambi lashes and L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Collagen Miss Manga Mascara in Black.

Lips were given a nude colour using L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Nutrishine Lip Colour in Nude Vibrato.

“This was one of my favourite looks for VAMFF. It’s very 70s, but not the disco kind! I love the luscious shades of caramel and chocolate browns on the eyes, which keep the eye shape rounded and doll like. We’ve gone with caramel lips and contoured cheeks, finishing it off with slick full brows.” said Rae.


Harpers Bazaar_Priceline Pharmacy (2)“This look is simple luxury, with a kind of polished sexiness. It’s the kind of hair that women want, but think is too hard to achieve, however it can be done”

Kenneth used OSIS Hair Body Volume Style and Care Spray all over damp hair, and then applied Silhouette Mousses Flexible Hold All through the hair from roots to ends and brushed through with a wide brush. He then blow dried with a  medium round brush, through the middle then the sides, then put a Barrel curl and clip into place to cool. Once cooled, he brushed out the hair and to polish it off, he blow dried it in three large sections, starting from the bottom and working up to the roots to stretch out the curl.

Once finished he used OSIS Refresh Dust Texture over the hair and brushed it through to distribute evenly. A light spray of Silhouette Flexible Hair Spray finished the look.

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Images courtesy of Priceline

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