With so many on the market, finding the right haircare products can be an overwhelming task. From sulphate-free to organic, where do you even begin? We test out Natura Siberica, an organic beauty brand sourced all the way from Siberia. The products only use good ingredients, which means that they don’t contain parabens and are made with wild harvested herbs and natural sourced ingredients from the unspoilt lands of Siberia.


The Maximum Volume Oblepikha Shampoo and Conditioner are both very lightweight and have  gorgeous smell that is fruity without being overpowering. The shampoo leaves the hair looking voluminous, yet still maintains its strength and shine with the help of vitamins and amino acids. However, like most voluminous shampoos it leaves the hair feeling squeaky clean, so if you tend to have more brittle hair you could give the Intensive Hydration line a try instead.


After shampoo, the Maximum Volume Oblepikha Conditioner re-nourishes the hair with ginseng and pine bark that helps retain moisture. Unique ingredients such as Moroccan argan oil and white Siberian flaxseeds help generate keratin, leaving the hair strong and smooth. The formula of this conditioner isn’t overly moisturizing, which ensures that the hair isn’t weighed down after use.


The Oblepikha Oil Complex for Damaged Hair is such a great addition to the daily hair care routine. Packed full of Altai sea-buckthorn oil and oils of Nanai magnolia, this luxurious oil instantly smooths down the hair and adds shine. Coupled with the conditioner it gives the hair the perfect amount of moisture while still maintaining volume in the roots! It also doubles as a protectant during heat styling and with regular use can prevent split ends.



Natura Siberica Haircare is a luxurious yet affordable haircare line – great for anyone who is looking to incorporate some good quality ingredients into their hair routine.

Natura Siberica is available online at www.naturasiberica.net.au and in Chemist Warehouse stores.

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