Now I’m no Vidal Sassoon, but if I were to guess, I’d say the average Australian male is buying a tub of hair product ever 4-5 months. If I were to take another guess, I’d say 80% of those males would be buying their product from the toiletries section of a major supermarket, 15% would be buying their product from the hairdresser after their last haircut and 5% would be buying their product from a store that sells that sort of thing (I’m thinking Hairhouse Warehouse or something similar).

I can honestly say that I’ve never come across a good men’s hair styling product purchased from a supermarket. Generally, the products are too scented and greasy, and I’ve never managed to find a good paste that has done the job. The only good thing about supermarket men’s products are that they are cheap, and you can throw a tub of something in your basket on your way to grabbing a can of deodorant.

One of the main differences between a supermarket hair product and a fancier product that you would find in a salon, is that the fancier products like Eleven Australia’s Strong Hold Styling Paste can be used day after day, without the product turning into a glue if you don’t wash it out properly.


Eleven’s Strong Hold can also be used on top of existing applications if you forget to take a shower, and is subtle enough not to overpower the aftershave your mum bought you last Christmas. Eleven’s Strong Hold has a light  vanilla scent and is available in Strong Hold, Matte or Frizz Control. The tubs look like white hockey pucks and can easily be stacked on top of each other if you want to get the whole range.

So next time you are stocking up on deodorant at your local supermarket, don’t be tempted to throw a tub of random hair product in your basket. Spend the extra 10 bucks on a product that you’ll enjoy using every day. Your hair will thank you for it.

You can buy Eleven Australia’s Strong Hold Styling Paste online here

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