Packing three of their best-selling products into one box, Philosophy’s “Great Skin Is In” kit aims to overhaul the appearance of the skin. The three products in the kit – “Purity… Made Simple” Cleanser, “Help Me…” Retinol Night Treatment and “Hope in a Jar” Moisturiser – work together to help develop “radiantly clear, beautifully bright [and] impeccably smooth skin”.


Step 1: “Purity… Made Simple” Cleanser


The award-winning “Purity… Made Simple” cleanser is designed as a 3-in-1 product to remove makeup, cleanse, and tone skin. True to the brand’s philosophy, Purity is a no-fuss product that simply gets the job done. The cleanser is suitable for most skin types, has no added fragrance, and for a cleanser, is fairly viscous. Upon application, Purity does not lather much at all and feels very much like a cleansing milk. Massaging it into the skin, you can feel it cutting through the makeup on your face. I was impressed to find that even waterproof eye makeup easily melts away with Purity. It is difficult to judge Purity‘s effectiveness as a toner, though my skin does feel quite bright and refreshed after use so a toner does not always feel necessary. By habit, I choose to use a secondary toner after cleansing.

Step 2: “Help Me…” Retinol Night Treatment


Retinol, a form of vitamin A, has a role in regeneration of skin cells, and is commonly used for acne treatment. The “Help Me” Retinol Night Treatment helps to minimise the appearance of pores, fine lines and skin discolouration, and to help clear congested pores. Having tried numerous products that promise but failed to deliver these same things, I honestly did not have high hopes for “Help Me”. I am thrilled to say that this product exceeded all expectations, and that I was incredibly impressed with the results.

I focused application on ‘trouble areas’ where I wanted improved skin clarity and texture, such as my nose and forehead, where I am prone to congestion and hyper-pigmentation. After only a week, I noticed that my pores were less congested (which has lasted through continuous use of Help Me) and overall, my skin is softer, clearer and smoother. Help Me should only be used at night-time, and because of increased cell turnover, an SPF should be added to your day-time skin or makeup products for long-term protection.

Step 3: “Hope… In A Jar” Moisturiser

Like the Purity cleanser, the Hope… In a Jar moisturiser is a straightforward product that has one job, but does it well. The Great Skin Is In kit for normal-to-oily skin here has the oil-free version of Hope, but the normal-to-dry version of the kit includes the Hope moisturiser for dry skin that “feels two sizes too small”.

For my normal/combination skin, the oil-free Hope provided just the right amount of hydration. I found it to be slightly too heavy beneath liquid foundation during summer days, but perfect as a summer night cream. In winter, however, it has been a great daytime hydrator in the drier weather. Hope is a nice little lightweight lotion that tops off the kit nicely by complementing the two other products. It didn’t blow me out of the water, but at the same time I can’t fault it in any way.


I highly recommend the Great Skin Is In kit. To me, the Help Me retinol treatment is the hero of the pack. These three Philosophy best-sellers have not only refined the clarity and texture of my skin, but have also maintained this improved skin quality for five months now. Available for normal/dry skin and normal/oily skin, full-size kit is recommended to last roughly 3 months, but I estimate that the products would last most people about 6 months. The kit is a great bundle deal, retailing for $63, when each product purchased individually would total $140. If you’re feeling apprehensive about committing to full-size products, a trial size of the kit is also available for only $50.

Investing in quality skincare products is always worth it, and quality is something that Philosophy does incredibly well. This kit is a reminder that while your makeup can change according to trends and fashion, a beautiful complexion is what every person chases. It’s true: great skin is always in.

Philosophy is available at Mecca Cosmetica and selected David Jones stores.

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