Looking for a skin treatment that leaves your skin radiant, bright and fresh? Then make sure you try Guinot’s Beaute Neuve renewing treatment.

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If you haven’t heard of French brand, Guinot, it is one of the leading salon skincare brands in France with over 60% of the market share, meaning that French women endorse this great brand. The brand’s philosophy for skin treatments is to adopt a a ‘prescriptive’ approach to identify solutions for skin concerns and provide expert advice.

Having never had any salon treatments using Guinot beauty products, it was an exciting prospect of experiencing the Beaute Neuve Renewing treatment with a trained Guinot therapist. In line with Guinot’s ‘presciptive’ approach, my main skin concerns, being congestion and dull skin, were discussed with the Guinot therapist. She explained that the Beaute Neuve Renewing treatment was an ideal treatment for my skin as it seeks to combine the benefits of fruit acids and pure vitamin C to eliminate dead cells and thus stimulate cellular renewal and boost radiance. The treatment uses the full gammut of the Beaute Neuve range of products, beginning with the Peel In gel applied to my skin which contained fruit acids to separate dead skin cells from the living ones. This was left on for approximately 9 minutes. The gel felt cool and a little tingly on my skin, which the Guinot therapist explained was the fruit acids at work.

Then a Peel Out foam was applied to exfoliate the skin to eliminate the dead skin cells and stimulate cellular renewal. Lastly, a Vitamin C mask was applied and left on for approximately 10 minutes to complete the peeling effect, lightening brown spots and boosting radiance to the skin. The mask felt calming and soothing on my skin and counteracted any residual tingling from the fruit acids in the Peel in gel. After the treatment, upon closer examination of my skin in the mirror, it looked noticeably brighter and felt smoother without any irritation.

To maximise the benefits of the Beaute Neuve Renewing treatment, the Guinot therapist recommended a course of 4 treatments in 4 weeks.  The treatment is suitable and beneficial for all skin types and each treatment is 60 minutes.


To complement my treatment, I was given the Beaute Neuve Renewal Cream with vitamin C to use at home. The Beaute Neuve Renewal cream has a number of benefits which include revealing a new radiance to the skin, a visible “peeling” effectiveness without irrititating the skin and smoothes and refines the skin’s texture. After a week of using the cream following the Beaute Neuve Renewal Treatment, my skin retained its brightness and its smoothness. A highly recommended treatment for those seeking a solution to skin concerns and an overall pick-me-up!

For Guinot salons visit the Guinot website at http://www.guinot.com.au/salon-locations or call 1300 300 954.

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