December is always a curious month, although you are essentially winding up a year, you are beginning a summer.

Summer is the time for making new friends, traveling, trying different things, shopping and  letting go of your inhibitions.

The days get longer and we are able to cram our hours, we may be working frantically to finish everything before the New Year but we are also taking the time to enjoy lazy afternoons in the sun and meander through market stalls.

This time of year we always find ourselves reassessing our lives, our jobs, trying to think of an achievable New Years resolution, creating wish lists and pondering what we are thankful for.

Some things I have been thankful for just this week are simple and funnily enough relevant to our Lifestyle content.

Thank you Los Hermanos for getting your liquor license! those $5 happy hour Sols and Caronas went down a treat as I sat in your lovely little courtyard last Saturday eve.

Thank you Section 8 for still having a buzz on a Monday night.

Thank you Suzuki Night Markets for reminding me of how populated our city is.

Thank you Blender Lane Artists Market for contributing to Melbourne’s notorious lane-way scene and making me look cool in front of my friends for knowing about it *wink*

Thank you Mister Nice Guys Bake Shop in Ascot Vale for appealing to my sweet tooth on Friday morning, those sticky cinnabuns and buttermilk scones are my new best friends.

Thank you Victoria Street in Richmond for making me feel like I am on holidays as I walk to work inhaling the scents of ripe mangoes, incense, Vietnamese bakeries and… garbage?

Thank you The Big Design Market for providing me with a relief from work and allowing me to knock over some Christmas shopping.

And finally thank you to my bed for being a multi purpose space, sometimes office, sometimes breakfast table but most times a haven for rest.

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you find things to be thankful for this fabulous summer.

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Bree Turner

Before becoming Couturing’s Lifestyle Editor, Bree was a country kid turned Melburnian, theatre maker and world traveller. Her love for writing stemmed from excessive emails sent home whilst travelling which then developed into blogs. She also dabbled in creative and review writing whilst studying a Bachelor of Performing Arts at Monash University. Bree is in the midst of an epic love affair with Melbourne, her screen play ‘when Bree met Melbourne’ is rumoured to of been picked up by no one, and in her dreams Melbourne will be played by Ryan Gosling and Bree will play herself.

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