Already have the back to work blues? The best way to shake them off is to start planning your next adventure, but where to start? Whether you’re feeling adventurous, want to emerse yourself in a different culture, or simply get some R&R on a gorgeous beach, our friends at STA Travel have done the hard work for you and have narrowed down the top ten must-visit places for you 2017 trip!





If  the thought of sitting still drives you crazy, Canada is a must for outdoors lovers.  Canada has endless hiking trails and National Parks, and there are also many activities available to satisfy your inner adventurer including: kayaking, canoeing, fishing, dog sledding, skiing and snowboarding.




Want to find out the secrets behind the happiest nation in the world? Perhaps it starts with a greeting, as Costa Ricans say “Pura vida” (pure life) instead of hello. Beach lovers will be in heaven, with access to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, meaning swimming, snorkelling, surfing and sunbathing are all in the daily routine.





With the US Embargo lifted on the island, now is the time to visit the authentic Caribbean pearl of the sea. With access to oak aged Rum, cigars, jazz music and vintage cars, not to mention the streets being full of music and culture (Cubans were born to play instruments and create beautiful art), Cuba is the perfect blend of culture and history. While you’re there, marvel at the colourful murals on houses, and admire the work of vendors selling their paintings on the streets. Music, art, laughter and dancing are all just a part of life here on this Island.




If you plan your trips based on what you’ll be eating, Japan is the destination for you! Did you know that Japan has the most three-star Michelin restaurants in the world? That alone will make it worth a visit. Aside from the amazing food on offer, you will be transported into another world with cartoon-everything and karaoke available on every corner! Experience the jam-packed cities, the snow-capped Mt. Fuji, the sacred shrines and much, much more.






Home to mind-blowing scenery, lush rainforests, and curious lemurs, nature lovers will be in heaven on the island nation. Bring your bikini as you’ll be swimming in natural pools and splashing under one-of-a-kind waterfalls. And, you’ll encounter the unique trees of  Baobab Alley, something you won’t see anywhere in the world. Madagascar offers all the outdoor splendour you could possibly ask for.





Did anyone say tequila? Possibly what Mexico is most famous for, you can visit local tequila factories to see how it’s made and have a tipple while doing it – don’t forget the salt! When you’re not sipping the famous drink, check out the white sands of the Mexican Riviera, the death-defying cliff divers of Acapulco and the bold broodiness of the Sierra Madre Mountains. The country is also jam-packed with culture and history, and you can even visit the ancient Mayan pyramids up close in Tulum.





Home to ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites and seven of the world’s highest peaks, including Mount Everest, Nepal is the perfect destination for adventure seekers. The spectacular country offers mountaineering, trekking, rafting, wildlife safaris, hot air balloons, paragliding, bungee jumping and more. You can also experience the Old World culture of Nepal with the highflying prayer flags, by visiting the secluded monks and beautiful temples. Good luck choosing!




The ancient Incan ruins are considered to be some of the most beautiful and mysterious sites in the world. Hike the Inca Trail where you can visit the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Stop into fascinating villages where you will also cross paths with alpacas, llamas and vicunas, and get to know the locals. If you’re a lover of spicy food, make sure you pay a visit to one of the famous “Picanterías”. Arequipa has a variety of regional food: alpaca, shrimp, pork, lots of soups, and spicy sauces.




With its pure white sands and clear blue waters, it’s no wonder that the beaches of Portugal are among the most incredible in the world. Known for its crystal waters, Algarve is a popular tourist destination where visitors can enjoy the beach, cave tours and a round of golf.  For those seeking something a bit more upbeat, Lisbon, Portugal’s’ hilly capital city is beyond amazing. Like most capital European cities, you will never get bored with museums, amazing architecture, and food to die for. This city really has the best of all worlds.




Known for its beautiful beaches and scenery, Cape Town has too many amazing features to name. Take in the vast landscape from Table Mountain, accessible via cable cart or on foot, and follow up the adventure by checking out badass animals – lions and tigers and bears (and sharks) or relax while enjoying a vino at one of the many world-class wineries. Before you leave, visit the Robben Island Museum, where Nelson Mandela spend 18 of his 27 years incarcerated.


Now that we have your wanderlust going, visit STA Travel to start planning your next adventure now!

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