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What a lovely Sunday we’ve had, I hope you spent yours brunching with lovers, rummaging at the Camberwell markets or just soaking up some much needed vitamin D (sun). I managed to catch some afternoon sun on my porch, alongside my housemate; we sat sipping lemon, honey and ginger ice tea, munching on fresh pasta and salad whilst waving like crazy spinsters to all our neighbours. Bring on summer!



Since it is the changing of the seasons and it seems like everyone around me has a tickly throat or whatever it is that keeps people locked inside all day watching Breaking Bad (awesomeness?), I thought I’d include my recipe for lemon, honey and ginger ice tea. It allows you to enjoy the anticipation and teetering of good weather with the benefits of vitamin C to fight off being that gross nose blower on public transport.



Lemon, Honey and Ginger Ice Tea

Serves two

You will need a 600ml carafe or jug, two glasses and straws to serve.


1 x lemon

1x lime

400ml sparkling mineral water

100ml still hot water

1x tsp honey

2x tea bags of lemongrass and ginger

2x slivers of fresh ginger



Boil the kettle and infuse the two tea bags in 100mls of hot water with honey, stir until honey has dissolved and the water is cloudy. Refrigerate until cold. Slice lemon into wheels and place the slices into a carafe. Slice lime into wheels, divide half and half into two glasses. Add a sliver of fresh ginger into each glass. Take the tea from the refrigerator and pour it into the carafe, add 400mls of sparkling water and stir. Add ice as desired and pour the tea into the glasses over the fresh lime and ginger, serve with a straw so you feel fancy!


To see the highlights of my week be sure to follow me on Instagram. To summarise; I partied, lost my wallet, got a haircut, wrapped up a play I was performing in, watched Breaking Bad, drank coffee and made ice tea. More exciting things to come in the week ahead.


Love, love, love x

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