Summer can wreak havoc on your locks so it’s important to take extra good care of your hair during the warmer season! The heat can make your hair go frizzy and leave you with greasy roots and dehydrated ends.

Couturing gives you our hot tips for keeping your hair looking fabulous and minimising the harmful effects of the heat during summer!

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Get a trim

Nothing beats the fresh feeling after you get a new haircut. Banish dead ends for good and promote hair growth by getting a trim at the start of summer. Your locks will look healthy and feel fantastic.

Minimise oiliness by using a lightweight shampoo and conditioner

The increased humidity and hot steamy weather can leave you with oily roots and dry ends as your scalp sweats. So if excess oil is a concern, switch to a lightweight shampoo and conditioner. The Cristalliste line by Kerastase feels weightless while keeping hair looking fabulous. The Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoo provides a lightweight lather and glossy ends.


Add moisture to ends of hair by using a masque 

The ends of hair are prone to becoming dry as they are exposed to the harsh elements. To give your ends some added moisture, use a hair masque 2-3 times a week. The Soleil line by Kerastase is specifically designed for sun protection and the masque UV defense active is perfect for Summer! It replenishes and nourishes the hair cuticle providing protection against UV rays.

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Protect your hair from the sun with UV protecting products 
Kerastase’ fantastic line, Soleil, is designed to do just this! The micro-voile protecteur is a light UV protection spray that minimises the effects from humidity, produces long-lasting shine and leaves hair looking soft and silky.

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Say adios to your hairdryer and straightener 

Heat styling products will only cause further dryness and absorb the moisture out of your hair. So as hard as it is ladies, try not to use your stylers as often as normal during the summer months. Instead, embrace the natural look styling hair in a ponytail, messy bun and cute plaits.

Invest in hair oils 

If you find your hair becoming terribly dry, don’t fret! With a wide variety of hair oils on the market, you will be sure to find a miracle cure. Bumble and Bumble have a great product called Hairdresser’s invisible oil created ‘for sublime softness’. The formula is lightweight and reducese frizz, flyaways and provides protection against breakage. Even better, the multi oil (containing argan, coconut, macadamia, sweet almond and safflower seed) protects agains UV rays and has a delightful tropical scent ideal for summer!
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Embrace the warm weather by giving our top tips a whirl! Your hair will be left looking hot for all the right reasons.

Images courtesy of Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble. 

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