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There’s a new standard in suiting at Oscar Hunt, and the bar for bespoke suits has been raised. In addition to their classic silhouettes and tailor made fits, renowned French fabric manufacturer, Dormeuil Cloth has chosen Oscar Hunt to supply its premium fabric.

Milled in Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, Dormeuil’s primary difference is the density of their fabric, giving a notable difference in drape. At Oscar Hunt, you can choose from 14 swatch books that have various weights, super numbers and finishes using Australian merino wool, wool and silk blends; wool, mohair and cashmere blends, various mohair weights and corduroy for a more relaxed look, so you’re sure to find the exact fit for your look.

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In addition to the Dormeuil stamp of approval, Oscar Hunt also act as one of a few select Melbourne tailors who offer the Dormeuil 3D programme; by taking measurements according to the prescribed master suit blocks before the meticulous construction in the Dormeuil European workshop, these superior made-to-measure suits have three individual sections of floating canvas throughout the jacket making for a one of a kind fit.

Oscar Hunt is delighted to offer their clients the opportunity to experience the incredible drape, superior fit and comfort of a Dormeuil suit. Appointments available by calling their showroom on 0499 000 011 or booking online via

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