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Today Couturing get a glimpse inside the wedding of Patricia and Hank. New York based fashion designer Patricia Chang gives us an insight into how the couple met, how she made her dress and her tips for brides planning their special day.


Hank and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party at a bar in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in Sept of 2010. He made me laugh all night and we had so much fun getting to know each other – there was instant chemistry. He called me the next morning and took me on a date to an art fair in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We’ve been inseparable since.


My best friend told me she got 4 Groupon tickets to a boat ride around Manhattan in April of 2011, and we brainstormed who to invite. We asked Hank, but he had plans with his family that day and wouldn’t be able to make it. When we got to the dock on the day of, I was pleasantly surprised it was a private yacht! We took off, listening to music, and enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery. About 5 songs in, Hank comes out from under the deck singing along! After a shriek of surprise, I realize he is proposing and I do my best to soak in every second of the special moment. He got down on one knee and I said “Yes”! He brought out celebratory food and champagne, and best of all it was shared with my best friends. It was bliss. We left for the Almalfi coast in Italy the next day to celebrate further!

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After the proposal, we set a date for exactly 1 year. I was freelancing during the summer and was lucky to have the time to design our invitations as well as my wedding dresses (ceremony & reception). I didn’t want to wear a traditional white dress. I was into ombre at the time, so I made large ombre ruffles cascade from the top to the bottom in shades of lavender and pink. For the reception, I wore a short dress encrusted in sparkles, flowers and tulle.


The bridesmaids dresses were by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal. The made of honor wore a version with the most adorable ruffles on the skirt to echo my dress.


The girls chose grey, so we decided to keep to the ombre theme and the groomsmen wore shades of grey and stood in ombre order, as well as pink and lavender bowties to coordinate.

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I simply went with all the flowers that were in season in April in NY. Peonies, orchids and cherry blossoms. The colors were in shades of pinks to match my dress.


For the reception, it was important to us that the guests have a blast. It was a lot of dancing and there were fun times in a big open, hd-dslr photobooth.


Our ceremony took place in my hometown of Westchester County. We got married in the chapel of the venue for convenience.


When we got engaged, my dad picked up the saxophone so he could play a song at our wedding. It was incredible sweet. He practiced every day for hours after work. He could have played any song, and we didn’t practice a dance. Our dancing was horrible but the moment was perfect. There were so many people in the room but the only person I could see was Hank, with my dad’s song in the background. For the father daughter dance, my dad played the sax, and I joined on the drums, while Hank and his mother danced on the floor. It was more important to do what was sentimental to us, rather than following traditions.


My favourite memory was my sister’s speech. The videographer ran out of battery and only caught her saying hello, and everyone clapping at the end. But I’ll never forget it. It’s written on my heart now. Another was when our some of our tallest friends picked up Hank and I and we danced with everyone from above. Nothing is more memorable than a spontaneous moment filled with love and knowing your guests are having a blast with you!


I think the biggest tip is – to really try to save money, but don’t obsess over it. Someone told me to use fake flower petals on the floor, and I used that tip – no one noticed! Make a list of about 5 things that are most important to the couple and focus on making those great. Accept that you can’t do every idea you love and think positively about the love filled memories you’ll have. Keep it personalized. If I were getting married today – only a year later, my style has already changed drastically. Embrace your situation and who you are today when you’re getting married. It will always be stressful, so don’t forget to HAVE FUN!

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Images courtesy of Patricia Chang

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