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As you flick through old photo albums, it’s almost impossible to not feel that tug in your chest.  Photos capture so much more than a frozen image, they capture memories, emotions and when done well, the true essence of the day. To some, the thought of spending $6,000+ on a high-profile wedding photographer sounds both unrealistic and unachievable. The stress of a wedding is enough without thinking of who is going to capture these wonderful moments. So why not go an alternate route with DIYing your photography? Whilst posed, cheesy black and white photos may feel right at the time, something much more candid and taken from a different perspective may be the way to go.

In an effort to bring you that one step closer to your perfect day, we’ve decided to list a few alternative ideas as to how you can go about DIY wedding photography without it costing the price of a small car.

Instagram/smartphone Wedding Photography

It’s surprising how well phone cameras have developed over the past five years. When done well, a smartphone shot can be indistinguishable from its professional counterpart. Applications such as Instagram, are already giving amateur phone users a taste of what it’s like to produce quality images. Having said that, more than 90% of your guests will probably own a smartphone. It only makes sense to work with the tools you’re given so why not ask them to #hashtage the name of the wedding as they take their happy snaps. You can do this with the gorgeously indie use of a chalkboard or sign. It’s a win-win situation for you and the guests. You’ll be inundated with hundreds of special snaps, it’ll add an aspect of fun to the event and your guests can view all the photos without the two to three week delay. So if you’re after a great way to gain hundreds of photos in various contexts, encourage your guests to get snapping!


Old Style Photobooths

Boutique companies, ‘Little Black Booth’ and ‘Flashback Photobooths’, have taken the idea of the old-fashioned photobooths and given them new life at weddings and parties. Little Black Booths print out four sets of coloured or black and white photos that capture the perfect pocket-sized snaps. The booths can print a special message on the back, and all the photos come in a DVD that can be copied and sent to invited guests.

If you want that true retro feel, photobooths offer a nice addition to any wedding. And if you want to keep your guests even more entertained, hire or create prop-kit so that they can show their silly side. Get snapping!


Disposable Cameras


Disposable cameras have become increasingly popular as DIY photography tools. They add a certain element of child-like fun to a wedding and they encourage guests to get active! Placing one on every table or giving them out to guests as they arrive, is similar to the smartphone concept but disposable cameras add more of a ‘surprise element’ to the final shots. Printing them out will be like receiving hundreds of new presents. Plus you can always print, copy and share your favourite picks with guests who took them.

Polaroid cameras are another way that you can instantly share your snaps with your guests. Placing these classically bulky boys in the hands of the guests allows for photos to be shot, printed and instantly shared. You could even place a large message board at the back of the reception hall for guests to pin their shots. As each guest takes a photo, a board of loving memories from loving perspectives is created.

Pick up cute disposable cameras from Etsy


Change Your Angle

The key to good photo is the person behind it. But why limit yourself to one chosen photographer with one chosen style when you could make use of all 200 of your guests. Asking guests to each bring their own camera can create a lot of creativity and diversity to a wedding, as different styles of cameras (and amateur photographers) produce varying photography.
Simple photos of food and drinks, and guests enjoying the day will be a great addition to the final album. As well as this, why not offer the children or younger guests the chance to play along.  Although half of them may come out blurry, they can still capture a special moment through an angle that no adult photographer could re-create. Encourage your guests (big and small) to get involved and get snapping.


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