KX Pilates and Barre studios are slowly taking over many peoples lives, and suburbs throughout Melbourne and Sydney and if you are like me, I am guessing you are super excited about this. We at Couturing are all avid fans of the KX Brand, and I know I certainly can’t go more than a two days without my KX fix. I am a member of KX Fitzroy, but this studio along with all the others are extremely fun and filled with smiling determined people ready to “DEFINE THEMSELVES”.
The latest craze at KX Fitzroy is Pilates and Barre FUSION. Yes that’s right, two classes in one. It is the ultimate combination of everything we love about both class styles meshed into one. It is fast paced yet focused and toning. It is full of sweat and lactic acid build up. It is cardio and strength training in one. And what does this mean? It is the ultimate full-body workout.
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The Fusion class starts in the Pilates studio at an Intermediate level, with the option to advance to KX3 springs and moves. The warm-up is moved through a little quicker than regular Pilates classes, so the body is worked just as hard in 25 minutes as opposed to the regular 50 minutes. Most often, specific parts of the body are chosen to focus on for both the Pilates and Barre classes. That is, what is focused on in Pilates is different to the focus in Barre. Last week we had a distinct focus on core, back and shoulders in Pilates and a very heavy focus on legs and glutes in Barre, epic!
Having the Pilates element first truly warms up the muscles and gets them feeling strong and ready to take on the Cardio aspects of Barre. By pushing the body from strength training into HIIT interval training you are getting the most effective fat-burning workout. What is HIIT training I hear you ask? My favourite type of course; High Intensity Interval Training. Used in Barre classes, HIIT is a section made-up of 5 different exercises, pumped out at your most intense level for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds rest between each exercise. An example; mountain climbers, burpees, fast feet on the spot, push-ups and squat jumps. Intense, and amazing.
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The Barre element of the Fusion class is generally consisting of 3 HIIT segments, plus focused strength work on various parts of the body. Last Wednesday nights class we predominately worked through the quads, hamstrings and glutes through many plies, lunges and tube work. You’ll all have your Beyonce booty in not time if you stick to Fusion classes!
This class is the perfect solution for those guys and gals out there who love their cardio and the epic results that come with KX strength training. Get your heart rate up and muscles bulging all at the same time.
The FUSION class is on a Wednesday evening at the Fitzroy studio and in my opinion, it is the perfect Hump Day pick-me-up and boost into the rest of the week. Why enter the latter end of the week flat and sluggish, when you can bounce into if after Fusion?!
Join me and DEFINE YOURSELF at KX with Pilates and Barre FUSION. A confidence booster and decision you’ll never regret.
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*Currently available at KX Fitzroy and Ascot Vale studios. 
Visit www.kxpilates.com.au for more information

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Holly Asker

Holly has been working in the corporate Media industry at both Network Ten and Southern Cross Austereo for almost 5 years, but late last year she made the leap into the Fitness Industry where she belongs. Whilst she loved the media world and all things creative, Fitness is where Holly’s heart truly lies! A KX Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor, Holly also has an Honours degree in Bachelor of Communication: Media from RMIT and will complete (fingers crossed!) her Masters in Human Nutrition at Deakin University in 2017. Next to fitness, she has an additional deep passion for writing and hope's to combine both elements into a business or studio of her own sometime in the near future. Hol’s bread and butter is running, having completed upwards of 6 Marathons and Half Marathons. She lives her life with total and utter balance, her first and only health and fitness mantra. Aside from her KX Pilates studio in Fitzroy, her favourite place is on the beach in pure sunshine, sipping on a coconut :) Blog: hollyjustaskher.com Instagram: @holasker

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