Membership is now open to Pie Society: a place where flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and people with refined taste buds can meet and enjoy the comfort of a delicious winter warmer, without the meat – and all from the freezer aisle at your local supermarket. Comprising a meaty selection of vegan pies, pasties and sausage rolls, the range is crafted using the traditions of 120-year-old Plarre’s Bakehouse in Victoria. Everything is snap frozen and sent to the freezer aisles to provide the ultimate bakery style experience that you can create at home.

Pie Society CEO and committed vegetarian, Steve Plarre said the range was a delicious selection comprising meat-free versions of comforting Aussie classics, made in its bakery with local ingredients. “The range was conceived through my own passion for good plant-based food. There was a need to fill the void experienced by vegans and vegetarians who wanted to interact with everyday Aussie
rituals like eating pies while watching the footy, or having pastries with sauce at a party.


“In such a short time we have become synonymous with the quality and taste of a delicious savoury pastry, but without the meat. It’s a delicious alternative to meat pies, that come with the added benefits associated with a reduced consumption of meat. There’s nothing humble about what we’ve created with the Meaty Vegan pies and pastries. They are absolutely packed with flavour, and there isn’t a single animal ingredient in either the pastry or the filling. Chances are, if you didn’t tell your friends or family they were eating meat free,
they wouldn’t even know.”

There are seven varieties in the Pie Society range, and they are made from a variety of fresh and healthy ingredients, including chickpeas, different types of mushrooms, potato, garlic and onion to achieve the perfect flavour and texture. And they aren’t par-baked either, which means perfect flaky, golden pastry every time.

Pie Society’s Meaty Vegan range includes:

Meatless Classic Aussie Pie
Take your favourite snack and make it better for you, and better for the planet. These pies are proof that not all vegan food is boring. Don’t tell your meat-free mates we said that though.
2 Pack | From RRP $9.50

Meatless Party Pies
You’ll always find us in the kitchen at parties … where we’ll be heating and eating these guilt-free bites. Save a few for your guests though, who’ll be fighting over the last one. Lucky you’ve got more in the freezer.
6 Pack | From RRP $9.50

Chunky Meatless Steak and Shiitake Pie
The steaks are low – in fact, they’re non-existent – in this fancy pastry. Still, this is the chunkiest, meatiest meat-free pie you’ll ever have tasted, thanks to the addition of mouth-watering shiitake mushrooms. You’ll wonder why you ever need to eat meat again.
2 Pack | From RRP $9.50

Meatless Cottage Pie
With flaky pastry, a delicious filling and topping of golden mashed potato, this cottage pie is just like the one your mum used to make. Just without her quiet disappointment when you don’t do the dishes without being asked.
2 Pack | From RRP $9.50

Plant-Based Sausage Rolls
They see me rollin’, they love it! These scrumptious savouries don’t need any outside interference, but feel free to slather them in tomato sauce or a homemade relish. That’s lunch sorted, then.
4 Pack | From RRP $9.50

Plant Based Party Pack
There’s no need for balloons or streamers when you serve up a plate full of party favourites. Each of our Plant-Based Party Packs contains six Meatless Party Pies, six Plant-Based Sausage Rolls and six Plant-Based Pasties. Keep them in the freezer for entertaining emergencies.
18 Pack | From RRP $12.90


Pie Society’s Meaty Vegan range is available from the freezer section of Woolworths, Coles (from the beginning of August) and independent grocery stores. Find out more about Pie Society and the Meaty Vegan range at Follow the Instagram account @piesocietyaus.

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