From simple to sophisticated and extravagant hairstyles, Perth Fashion Festival Hair Director and L’Oreal Professionel Ambassador, Brad Ngata, created stunning hair looks during the week to enhance the runway looks from the designers showing during the festival. Couturing chooses its favourite looks of the week.

Jaime Lee

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With very fine details and extravagant colours in this collection, PFF Hair Director and L’Oreal Professionel Ambassador Brad Ngata was sure to also add the same kind of detail to the hair of the models. Jaime Lee’s designs have been garnering international attention as she dressed Kimbra for the Grammy Awards early this year. In order to accompany the collection’s rich and luxurious feel, Brad was all for the glitz and glam with gold leaf sheets and glitter. “We really wanted to reflect that feel in the hair but also, inject a little fantasy into the look.”

Ellery Closing

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Ellery’s 2014 resort collection, Vitreouswas complemented by Brad Ngata’s The Simple Pony look to match the aesthetics of Ellery’s designs – clean, minimal and effortless. This easy center parting ponytail look is easy to style for a normal day out but, still adds a classy look to whatever you are wearing with. “For the hair we wanted to have that same nude aesthetic. We’ve worked with high shine and matte textures together.”

Tip to get the runway look: For contrast, use a white tie for brunette hair and a black tie for blonde hair.

Student Runway

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Who said that student runways aren’t something to look forward to? With creative, out-of -the-box designs it’s no wonder that Brad created the perfect look for the show called the Rockability Roll – a modern twist to the 50s style. Creating volume to suit the rock and roll style while still maintaining the posh look, even Brad claims that, “it’s definitely my favourite look of the show!”

Designer Capsule 2: Betty Tran

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The look designed for Betty Tran was all about drama. Mirroring the dramatic texture and look created by Western Australian label, Betty Tran, a dramatic high bun was created with an added veil for extra drama. Brad explains, “with the addition of the beautiful veil, this look takes on a very avant-garde feel to it.” He adds that, “it has sophisticated elegance and it’s also quite chic with the contrasting textures.

Main styling products used to create the looks above:

L’Oreal Professionel Products Tecni Art

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