Persol, a brand name which has always been a hallmark of class and the very highest Italian quality, is paying tribute to the world of photography with a unique collection: Persol Reflex Edition.

Have you ever picked up an old photo and instantly been transported back to that moment. That precise place, relived the sounds, the smells. It’s amazing… And thanks to photography (in all its evolved forms) we can still cherish that special moment simply because we captured it.

I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t one of those people that adores the certain quality of analog photography—the authenticity, the emotion, the nostalgia, the romance. However, as much as I love the look and feel of analog, these days I’m drawn to the ease of digital photography. But my heart is & will always be in love with analog photography. It’s almost a bit like my first love.
I am currently visiting the southern beaches of Sydney this week and I decided to do something crazy and instead of sleep in (which I love) decided to set my alarm for 6.30am and hit the beach for an early morning jog. My alarm, as set, went off at 6.30am, and I was up and out hitting the beach as dawn was breaking. Picture this, the sun crackling through the sky, big foamy waves clashing up against the cliffs, birds chirping away their morning tune, and the sea breeze so ever crisp and refreshing as it hit my face. The views along the coastline where I went for a jog were breathtaking, and without hesitation, I pulled out my (what I call my additional limb, also known as my iPhone) and took a few snaps to capture. While my iPhone is not an analog camera and I’m sure analog camera enthusiasts would be appalled, I have downloaded an app that takes close to analog shots. That way I get a bit of the best of two worlds.
It is reality that time is constantly ticking and as time changes things, our fickle minds forget how things were yesterday. The way we can record what time has forgotten is to take a picture and look back to see how things were. Photography, be it analog or digital, lets you stop that and make it be still, if but for a moment.
This new collection from the cult brand Persol pays tribute to the world of photography by offering sunglasses inspired by vintage-design analogue cameras reinterpreted using modern technology: a fascinating and modern cult object which has captured the memories of generations and reshaped history and the visual arts. The communication campaign consists of six images shot by Swedish photographer, Julia Hetta, who has managed to blend a look of times gone by with contemporary taste. The PO 3046S and PO 3047S sunglasses models are also available with Polar and Photo-Polar lenses. Made of glass, these lenses are super thin (1.8 millimetres), lightweight and comfortable. Designed on the basis of the most advanced research and painstakingly crafted, they protect the eyes against harmful sunrays.
This amazingly elegant Persol Reflex Edition will be available from February 2013 in the Sunglass Hut flagship stores in Australia.

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