For a beauty addict, French pharmacies are a treasure trove of the most amazing, luxurious products one has ever seen. As common as your local discount chemist shop, pharmacies are scattered around the streets of Paris with about as much grandeur as a corner Kebab shop, but inside are products and scents and textures that would only be seen in Australia in your high end cosmetic stores.

When I was travelling in Paris, I discovered this first hand. Desperate for a moisturiser (I’d just flown 5 hours, run out, and was forced to cut open a tube of papaw cream and fish out every last ounce of the stuff to replenish to my poor dehydrated skin), I darted into a pharmacy on the corner near our hotel, and as I stepped into that doorway a golden light shone down on me. Bioderma! T. Le Clerc! These French people were spoilt. It was here I discovered the  Toleraine range by L’Oreal Group’s La Roche-Posay.


The sensitive skin range boasts the use of Thermal Spring Water, which comes directly from the earth’s core, taking 1700 years to emerge. All La Roche-Posay products contain this water that has a high level of Selenium which is an anti-free radical, anti-irritant and has soothing properties that calms and nourishes the skin.


The range is alcohol, fragrance, parabin, lanolin, colorant and preservative free. It is moisture at it’s simplest, containing minimal ingredients to deliver optimal skin health and moisture whilst protecting sensitive and allergy prone skin. While I don’t have sensitive skin at all, I found that this range delivered ultimate hydration without being greasy. My skin looked amazingly clear and nourished and the texture of the creme was refreshing. No matter your skin type, this product can be beneficial to anyone.


The Toleraine range is extremely affordable and includes the following products:


Toleraine Ultra ($39.95)

A creme for those with extreme to mildly sensitive skin. This creme can be put on before moisturiser and will significantly reduce redness and discomfort of the skin.


Toleraine & Toleraine Riche ($25.95)

These moisturising creams can be used day and night. The Riche is the heavier out of the two, for those who need extra moisturiser or a night cream. These creams are sublime and have a fantastic texture.

Toleriane Riche

Toleraine Dermo-Cleanser ($22.95)

A gentle cleanser for irritated or allergy prone skin. Will clean makeup away and add moisture and relief to the skin.


Toleraine Foaming Gel ($22.95)

This cleanser is for those with irritated but more oily skin prone to breakouts. The gel cleans all the dirt away whilst retaining moisture and soothing the skin.


Toleraine Eye Make-Up Remover ($25.95)

This Eye Make-Up Remover is great for people with sensitive eyes. It is important to remove all traces of makeup especially for those with a sensitive eye area but you don’t want to be using harsh chemicals. This is also a great product for those who wear contact lenses.




Toleraine, the sensitive skin range,  launched in Australia on 15 March from selected pharmacies and dermatologist clinics. For your nearest stockist, visit

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