When it comes to grooming and haircare, men traditionally have been somewhat overlooked. In recent decades, mens’ attitudes toward their appearances have changed dramatically and as a result men are spending more money and time on grooming. In keeping with this natural progression, more advancements are being made in male product and more products are being launched directed solely at men, to tap into this ever growing market and to meet men’s increasing style and beauty needs.

Two such product ranges have just been launched from two of the biggest haircare labels, Kerastase and Redken, and are more scientifically advanced and specified to mens’ needs than ever before.


Kerestase Homme Capital Force mens’ haircare range has recently launched two new styling products specifically aimed at reinforcing mens’ hair mass. The Capital Force Ultra-Fixing Densifying Gel ($38) and Amplifying Sculpture Gum ($38) are aimed at men who are concerned about hair-loss or hair thinning. Using Syteme Taurine Technology and new System Expans technology the product assists in protecting the hair bulb and helps improve the hair follicle’s regenerative ability. The System Expans technology also aids in strengthening existing hair mass by coating the hair fibre and protecting it against the external environment whilst leaving hair silky and soft with no sticky residue.


Redken for men has also introduced three new ground breaking haircare and styling products for the modern man. New Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo ($21.50), Full Impact Bodifying Shampoo ($25.50) and Firm Grasp Texturizing Clay ($34.50) are the newest additions to the range. Clean Brew shampoo is fabulous for men who work outside in dirt and grime, or who just don’t wash their hair as often as their female counterparts. The Clean Brew shampoo removes all dirt and grim, cleanses the scalp and helps to wash away product build up. The Full Impact Bodifying Shampoo is aimed at men with thinning hair to help to create fuller, thicker looking hair by using Thick-Lift technology to help  the hair shaft to give the overall look of more luxurious hair whilst the Intra-Cylane technology strengthens hair structure and protein helps reinforce any hair damage to give more body to male locks.

Finally the Firm Grasp Texturising Clay is a fabulous product for men of all hair types if you want that ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look. The beauty of this styling clay is that it is specifically designed to rinse easily with no residue, which helps illiminate product build up, whilst still giving maximum hold and style that will keep it’s shape. The Firm Grasp Texturizing Clay dries matte and leaves no trace of obvious product.

With all these products available your boy will be looking better than ever, just don’t complain when you have no room left on the bathroom shelf.

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