As Melbourne’s population becomes more and more dense, living spaces become cramped and we continue to ‘pave paradise to put up a parking lot’ (thanks Joni). We all find it hard to create a ‘natural’ environment or spare the time to maintain a little bit of nature in our busy lives. In amongst the concrete jungle, it’s nice to have a small amount of greenery here and there, whether it’s at home or in the office.


And so ‘Miniscapes’ was born. What was once a staple in the 70’s household has now been revamped and modernised by trendsetter and Melbournian, Clea Creegan, who began making these beautiful miniature landscapes from scratch, back in 2002. These terrariums have become an international success for those with little space and little time to invest in a full-time garden. To be more specific, these are miniature gardens and life forms in a terrarium. Part of the beauty is that they can be hung from a ceiling or wall and easily become a decorative statement piece in any home, office or restaurant.


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Miniscapes provide hundreds of options for you to express your own personality by using such things as figurines, cacti, rocks and pebbles. Not only looking organic, fresh and beautiful, these eclectic small plants are created to withstand not being watered constantly. Many can be ignored for months without water or nurturing, which makes them perfect for those with commitment issues.


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Terrariums have become an essential design statement in homes over the past few years. The ease, functionality and beauty of these miniature landscapes is quite astonishing. But if you consider yourself a bit of a green thumb, be inspired and try your luck at a DIY project.


Clea especially works towards creating miniature stories within her terrariums. Recently having been commissioned by the Australian Open to have her work in the VIP lounge, she displayed miniature tennis matches within  terrariums.

Having a bit of greenery in your life provides you with a calming essence. It revitalises your love for nature and reminds you to appreciate the little things.


If you want to know more about Clea and her terrarium creations in Melbourne, her studio is at 15-25 Keele Street, Collingwood or check out the miniscapes website.

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