Make-up is one of the important elements which ties together a runway look during fashion week. Like fashion trends, there are key make-up looks each season. Couturing interviews Maybelline NY Make-Up Director Nigel Stanilaus to find out what we can expect at MBFWA and what he believes should be in every girl’s make-up bag.


1. Can you give us a hint as to some of the make-up trends we can expect to see at MBFWA? 


There will be lots of metallics and pastels this coming week. Lashes? You kidding me? They will be EVERYWHERE! (laughs)



2. How important is make-up in tying together a runway look?


It is so important as it completes the look. I like to call makeup, sort of like ‘garnishing’. It brings magic to the dish.



3. Runway make-up can often be quite theatrical. How can a girl work key trends into their every day look?


Maybelline NY is all about bringing the looks from the catwalk to the sidewalk. So with that in mind, watering down the trends for the street is what is recommended.


For example, a full on black smoky glossy eye can be take back with less pigment intensity and exchange gloss for shimmer.



4. What are the key products every girl must have in their make-up bag?


A good reliable colour correct foundation. Like our Maybelline FitMe foundation. Feels luxurious, looks expensive on your skin, blends like a dream & costs nothing.


A good mascara, like Maybelline Falsies, it’s my mate’s & MNY Ambassador – Ruby Rose’s favourite mascara. She requests that every time.


A good RED lippy like ARE YOU RED-DY in ColorSensational. Adds total glamour in under 30 seconds.


A lipbalm. My favourite is BABYLIPS Lip Balm in Mango Pie. Amazing. Taste so good – ZERO calories. Makes dry cracked lips go away. I travel with this everywhere.




5. Make-up trends, like fashion seems to be very cyclical. What key trends do you keep seeing coming back time and time again?


Good Skin is always a big deal every season. Skin is SO important and under credited. Take time to love it by taking good care of it and it will show.



6. What do you love about working in the make-up industry?


I love working with the industry’s most talented people. From photographers to designers, I absorb their passion and ideas and i feel new again.  I love the travelling part of it. The luxurious hotels we get to stay in and the locations we shoot in. I mean, who gets to spend a day shooting at an iconic landmark like Times Square in NYC one day and a thousand year old temple in Bali the next?



7. What does it mean to you to be working with an established company such as Maybelline?


I am so very humbled. I am so very honoured to represent this major brand both here and also apart of a master team in NYC during fashion week. Their motto embodies me as a person too – being creative and friendly and leaving out the fake attitude. It’s all about being approachable and yet looking chic and fashion forward at the same time. We at Maybelline take pride in the quality and advancements of our products. I am very happy here at the moment. It’s like on cloud nine. I mean, who gets to see first hand global trends and products and get paid to play, meet supermodels like Christy Turlington and shoot with Erin Wasson? Both here in Australia and in NYC. I think it’s pretty amazing.



8. What make-up tips can you share with us?


Don’t be afraid of colour. Remember it’s all about the blending. If you are afraid of wearing a red lippy, wear around the house first for a few hours so you get used to it. Baby steps.


Also match your foundation correctly. Match them to your chest and make sure you are even all out. You don’t want to have 5 different shads of skin colour when you take a picture on your wedding day or party!


Do your lower lashes before your top lashes. That way you don’t mess the beautiful shading your did your lid when your upper lashes touch them.




9. How do you take classic make-up looks like smoky eye, and dramatic lippie and make them your own?


Experiment with colour. Try jewelled colour like sapphire or jade and even gold. Play with texture. The last thing you want is boring black.



10. What exciting things do you have planned for the coming year?

There are so many things planned for me. I might be making a trip to Europe or even back to NYC, that all depends and is in the works now. There are some exciting celebrity projects too. But of course I can’t tell you that! (laughs)



Thank you Nigel for taking the time to talk to Couturing. We look forward to seeing your amazing work during MBFWA!

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Examples of Nigel’s amazing work:



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