Forget the cougar epidemic – say hello to the Silver Fox. The salt and pepper movement is on the rise in the fashion and beauty world, with L’Oreal courting this look in its latest men’s campaign. It seems Hugh Laurie’s rugged looks have caught the eye of the cosmetics mogul, now their new poster boy for L’Oreal’s Men Expert Vita Lift 5 range.




If you have seen the ad, you will understand why his charisma, charm, and unconventional good looks make it hard to resist his affable persona, and only enhances the fact that this product is ideal for even the ‘manly man’.


L’Oreal’s Vita Lift 5 Daily Moisturiser ($18) is a slap and dash of energy for the skin. Enriched with goodies such as Pro-Retinol™, draining agents and ADS™ Active Defense system, it can’t really go wrong.



The main idea behind the range is the ‘5 actions in one step’ philosophy. The modern man has no time for elaborate beauty regimes; they need the right solution here and now. That’s where Vita Lift 5 Daily Moisturiser comes in. In 5 actions it smoothes wrinkles, hydrates skin, firms skin, reduces puffiness, and brightens dull skin, all in one step. After one use in the morning, Mr Up-and-Go can move on to seize the day.



Images courtesy of The L’Oreal Group

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