Spring is upon us and with the nation-stopping race edging closer, KEVIN.MURPHY stylist James Furness provided predictions for this racing season’s hair trends and demonstrated how to achieve them in the KEVIN.MURPHY workshop during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.



Your hair is your unique asset that allows your test and trial different looks. You can revamp your look with different tools, products and techniques. If you’re scared to try something new, Furness provides reassurance that “there is no right or wrong so don’t be afraid, it’ll all work out in the end”. Quite simply, your hair, your rules. So if you are not in the mood for a hat or fascinator this Spring Racing Carnival, why not take the chance and use your own hair as an accessory.


LOOK ONE – 50’s inspired pony-tail:


This look is practical for the races as its strength will allow it to last all day even after that third bottle of champagne. It is also quick and easy for those who are time-conscious.


Begin by parting the hair in two above the ear-line and clip the top half out of the way. The bottom half will make up the innards of the pony-tail and spray it with the KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY underneath to give the hair some grip and help hold it in place. Rather than using a regular hair-tie, cut a length of hat elastic and tie this around the pony-tail, making sure each loop is under the previous to add tension. Knot the elastic and cut the ends. Working with the top half that was formerly clipped, brush out the hair and once again incorporate the SESSION.SPRAY. Brush the hair tight and using another piece of hat elastic, tie the two sections of hair together utilizing the same technique with the elastic as before. Grab a small section of hair from the pony-tail, wrap it over the top of the elastic and secure it with a bobby-pin. To enhance your mod, high pony-tail to a 50’s glamour style, use some KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY on the ends and curl with an iron. After ironing, let the curl loose, wrap the section around a KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.CURLER, securing with bobby-pins. Continue this process until all the sections of the pony-tail are curled. Once cold, remove the rollers and brush out the hair, allowing it to twist into itself. Finish the look off with a touch of SESSION.SPRAY.



– To help bobby-pins and other accessories stay in, base your hair with a primer so the objects can grip the hair.

– Before straightening/curling/applying heat, use a product with XHP – such as the KEVIN.MURPHY ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY – to help reduce dehydration.

– For best results with the KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.CURLER, use the tool in conjunction with heat.



LOOK TWO – Three Strand Weave Braid:


This look is used to create visual balance, shape and overall texture. It is a statement of its own and will add personality to complement any dress.


Begin by applying KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY and comb all your hair to one side from one ear. Imagine your hair in two parts: one for the front braid that will sit along the forehead and the other to utulise the bulk of your hair. Start at the front above the ear and begin braiding small and tight as you work towards the nape of the neck. Tie the hair with a length of hat elastic to minimize messy, knotted strands. Start tugging at sections of the braid to give the now looser and chunkier look some character. Begin the second braid starting behind the back of the ear and follow the same steps as with braid one. Once both braids are loose, bring the two together and sew together with KEVIN.MURPHY SEWING.KIT, comprising of a linen thread and plastic needle. Sew through the same spot three times to give some tension and end with two blanket stitches. Finalize the look with KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY to give it a “beachy feel”.




– Swap hairsprays for products like KEVIN.MURPHY HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY so that any fly-aways look soft and texturised rather than crispy and harsh.


For more product information or more looks for Spring Racing, visit the KEVIN.MURPHY website or the interactive KEVIN.MURPHY iPad App, available for free download from the iTunes App Store.



Images by Jodie Meier

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