The unique designs of Kara Barker are once again available for public consumption with the launch of her 2012 Beach Collection. Fresh and elegant, her creations present their own flare and individuality with original designs and eclectic use of vintage material. Suitable for all ages and styles, the opportunity to own an exquisite Kara Baker outfit is completely irresistible to most, speaking of course from personal experience.

The Kara Baker collection presents items distinctive from any other summer outfits. The unique designing of each garment presents a combination of colour and design to achieve the balance between timeless elegant and modern chic. Revealing skin in a spicy manor, the garments can also create the added sense of daring; but do not let this deter you, these garments manage to be completely flattering on all body types. However, if this still poses an issue, the personal relationships developed between Kara Baker and her clients mean alterations to achieve the perfect fit are not a hassle. Exhibiting tremendous duality with the versatility of conforming to a mature style, designs desirable for a younger generation are not omitted.

Individuality is key to the Kara Baker style, with one of a kind garments and timeless vintage pieces distinctive features of the collection. A certain two piece ensemble, composed of fifteen-year-old material, was particularly amazing. The gorgeous maxi skirt was simple and elegant, with the vibrant material adding flavor to this conservative garment. The top, created with the same material, was graceful and billowing. To increase the allure of this outfit, a subtle mid-drift can be achieved with a slight adjustment of the top; this really was a tremendous outfit, with the designs versatile enough to allow each garment to be worn separately, and still look fashionable and glamorous.

Items from previous Kara Baker collections were also on show. Among the Seventies style skirts and printed dresses typical of Kara Baker, a magnificent range of tops resided. Their striking colours and flattering designs would be easily worn to the beach, or if themed with a pair of heels and black pants, to relish in the night life. These styles represent a small aspect of this remarkable collection. Along with the vintage materials, many of the garments appeared borrowed from a Sixties feature film, including a beautiful baby doll maxi dress in a striking purple material.

The stunning summer collection by Kara Baker presents conservative items, with just the right amount of flare. Untethered to the specific trends of the season, Kara Baker allows her own personal style to take the lead when designing each perspective garment, creating a versatile and completely unique range of clothing. With the style and glamour she manages to combine, these are the garments every woman imagines herself wearing when she pictures her summer breaks. So a word of advice? If you are feeling apprehensive about this seasons summer wardrobe, drop in and see the exquisite outfits Kara Baker has to offer; you will not be disappointed.

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