Looking to rejuvenate and treat problematic skin? Laser Clinic Australia’s Max RF Facial Treatment could be your answer, and we have FIVE of them to give away!


I visited Laser Clinic Australia’s Highpoint Location to give the Max RF Facial Treatment a go. The clinic itself is beautiful. It is clean and bright without being sterile or unwelcoming, and the warm smiles of the girls at the reception desk certainly help to lift any nervousness that you may be feeling about your treatments.

The Max RF Treatment uses Fractional RF technology with high-speed equipments and pixelmon servers, which combines dermal stamping and radio frequency technologies, meaning that it can treat every layer of the skin. Before commencing the treatment, my therapist Brittany explained it to me in great detail, so that I knew exactly what she was about to do to my skin.


A dermal stamping pad – which is made up of many microscopic needles – creates tiny puncture channels in the skin, allowing radio frequency to be emitted to the deeper layers of the skin. This essentially creates a ‘controlled injury’ to the skin, which stimulates it to produce collagen and elastin to self-regenerate. The undamaged tissue between the puncture channels act as a healing server to accelerate rebuilding of collage and remodelling of the skin tissue. By triggering the skin’s natural repair mechanisms, the skin tissue is rejuvenated from within. The huge benefit of the Fractional RF technology is that it is far less invasive and has a significantly shorter downtime than many other similar treatments. Because it works on the deeper layers of the skin, you do not experience the flaking, redness or sensitivity that is commonly associated with such treatments.

The Max RF treatment is suitable for all skin types, and is tailored to suit the needs of each individual client. It is great for targeting a range of skin concerns, including acne, scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles. In fact, you can also read about hair growth cycle since laser treatments help with that too. Unlike other laser treatments, it can even be used to attack wrinkles close to the eye. Unfortunately, however, the treatment cannot be done on those who are prone to forming keloids. Other limitations include pregnancy, pace makers, HIV/AIDS and cystic acne on the treatment area. A consultation can easily be set up with a Laser Clinics therapist to determine whether this treatment is appropriate for you. Regular Max RF treatments are recommended for optimum results, and ideally should be done every four to six weeks to maintain the condition of the skin and to treat any ongoing skin conditions. The benefits include reduced pore size, even skin tone, reduced active acne and scarring, and firmer skin.


Because I am fortunate to have relatively trouble-free skin, Brittany performed a less aggressive treatment on me. After cleansing my face twice to remove any makeup and impurities on the surface, she massaged a healthy amount of numbing cream over my face. The peculiar numbing sensation didn’t take long to set in, and Brittany ensured that it had taken effect before starting the treatment.

Despite having earlier heard the words “needle” and “your face” in the same sentence and feeling a looming sense of apprehension, I found the treatment itself to be completely painless. In fact, when I asked Brittany if she had started the treatment yet, she was already a good 10 seconds into working the pad across my forehead.  It was slightly uncomfortable, but certainly not painful, with all credit to the numbing cream. This is certainly a treatment that you would not want to undertake without numbing. I felt only a slight pricking sensation, which was more noticeable on areas with thinner skin, such as on the temples. The entire process lasted only 10 minutes or so, and I was surprised at how fast and simple the treatment was.


Following the treatment, my skin was slightly red in areas, and tiny spots from the needles were barely perceptible across my face. Both these marks and the redness disappeared within three hours of the treatment. The numbing also lasted for a good four hours (particularly on my lips), which saw me drinking my chai latte out of a straw to avoid dribbling on myself. By the evening, my skin looked fresh and glowy, and despite wearing no makeup at all, my girlfriends kept asking me what foundation I was wearing.

I took home a tube of the Skinstitut Rejuvenate 15 Serum, which Brittany recommended to nourish and repair my skin in the few days following the Max RF. Throughout the following few days, I did experience some dryness, but this was easily dealt with using the Rejuvenate serum, in addition to my favourite Skinstitut Repair Balm on some drier areas.


On the whole, however, my skin did look and feel clearer, brighter and firmer. While I saw results after just one treatment, Laser Clinics Australia recommends four treatments for total rejuvenation of the skin, and six treatments for mature skin, moderate scarring or stretch marks. As each person’s needs are different, the therapists at Laser Clinics Australia can recommend a customised treatment plan for every individual.

The Fractional RF Facial Treatment costs $399 for one session, or can be purchased as a package of four treatments for $990 (equating to $247.5 per session). It is pricey, but I do believe that it is worth investing in your skin, and this is a treatment that works. If you suffer from troublesome skin conditions such as acne or scarring, it is definitely worth a try. For me, the treatment rejuvenated my complexion, giving back the healthy glow that had been lost to a flat dullness, and I can certainly see the long-term benefits that regular treatments would have on my skin.

Best of all, we have FIVE Fractional Max RF vouchers (valued at $399) to give away so that you can try this wonderful treatment yourself. Enter below to be in the running.

To find your nearest Laser Clinics Australia location, please visit www.laserclinics.com.au

Fractional Max RF vouchers

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