Following up from Beauty Editor Kath’s favourites last week, I have been itching to share some of my early April Beauty favourites with the Couturing community! Kath and I have headed up Couturing’s Beauty Dream Team since its inception, and as Assistant Beauty Editor, I am constantly trying and buying new products. I know how overwhelming it is to have thousands of Beauty products to choose from, and how frustrating it can be if your purchase doesn’t live up to your expectations. These are some of the products I’ve been loving lately, and I hope it will help you to navigate the vast world of Beauty.


MAC Lipstick in Half ’n Half

Being completely honest, I originally visited MAC in search of their Lipstick in Spirit, as the colour seems to be absolutely rife on Instagram as of late. Naturally, Spirit was sold out, but as fortune would have it, I much preferred Half ’n Half, a similar brown-toned nude. I often find nude lipsticks difficult to wear, but this shade is perfect on me and the perfect foil to a dramatic winged eyeliner. As nude shades look different on each individual, this colour may not be suitable for everyone, however being an Amplified Creme Lipstick, it’s gorgeously creamy and slightly glossy, offsetting the ‘flatness’ that nude colours can often have. The rich texture also means that the formula is more hydrating, making it the ideal everyday lipstick.

$36. To find your nearest MAC store, visit the MAC website.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

As the colder weather starts to set in, it’s important that we pay attention to the changing needs of our skin. I’ve switched my summertime gel-based primer for this Bobbi Brown one, and my normal/combination skin feels plumper and more hydrated than ever. As a hybrid moisturiser-primer product, it’s perfect for busy (and lazy) girls such as myself. It has a beautifully fresh fragrance, and applying this first-thing in the morning is the ultimate wake-me-up treat. Shea butter gives the formula a creamy texture that simply melts into the skin. Remarkably, despite this rich and luxurious texture, the primer locks in moisture and stops your skin from overproducing sebum (which leads to shine and foundation sliding off), keeping your face sitting pretty all day.

$78. For stockists, visit the Bobbi Brown website.

Skinstitut Repair Balm

The change in the weather lately has really affected my skin, feeling drier and tighter. The Skinstitut Repair Balm has been my saviour product. Formulated as a thick, green paste, it can be applied straight onto the skin for intense hydration, or mixed into your regular moisturiser. This product is extremely rich and concentrated, so a pea-sized amount is all that is required, and I would recommend only using it, at most, every other day. However, this of course will vary with your skin type. I have incorporated the Repair Balm into my nightly skincare regime twice a week, mixing it into a very basic moisturiser (Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer) and it has rejuvenated my skin, leaving it plumper and smoother.

$45. For stockists, visit the Skinstitut website.

L’Ascari Freesia Candle

Yes, candles don’t technically fall into the Beauty category, but as far as I’m concerned, anything that smells incredible and looks great is a contender for my favourites list. I’m generally not keen on floral scents, but this L’Ascari candle is fresh and light, unlike other heavy, sickly florals. I love the clever periodic element-style of the packaging, and it makes for something more interesting than your regular glass candle. Besides, any pleasant scent will do when you have a stinky pug hanging around the place.

$20. For stockists, visit the L’Ascari website.

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