After a triumphant show at New York Fashion Week in September, Zimmermann have released their latest master stroke, a collection entitled Master and Mischief. Taking inspiration from Ethel Turner’s iconic novel Seven Little Australians, depicting a group of siblings growing up in bushland Australia in the late 1880s, the colonial backdrop of the book sets the tone for Zimmermann’s vision for Spring, contrasting the conservatism of the time and a wayward attitude that is at the core of the collection.

Silhouettes are brief and playful, cinching at the waist with oversized leather belts, flared layers and tucked frills add feminine movement in nostalgic hues of steel blue and sandstone while necklines sits high, exaggerated with stamped leather collars and prim Victoriana bibs. To add drama to the already covetable pieces, lace appliqué decorates herringbone linen while laser cut detail and teardrop beading are laid upon layers of sheer organdy and organza.

Speaking about the collection, Nicky Zimmermann says “For Spring, I wanted to work with the sorts of fabrics that I’ve always been drawn to – linen, cotton organdy, raw silks, embroideries, lace and various natural textures. But then present them in a sharper, more modern context. The collection is a mix of the conservative and disobedient.”

The beautiful collection is available now at and in store now.

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