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As with all of these Editor’s tests, let me give a frank and honest summary of my experience:

My visit to the Peninsula Hot Springs lasted 7 hours… If that doesn’t say I loved my experience there, I don’t know what does!

What a joy it was to have such a lovely time at Mornington’s own natural hot springs. Discovered by Charles and Richard Davidson after Charles had a (very lucky) conversation informing him of news that hot geothermal water had been discovered in the Mornington Peninsula in 1979, the two brothers bought the 42 acre site and the rest is history. Together with an investor, Norm Cleland and his family, the Stage One Spa Dreaming Centre facility opened in mid 2005 with the second stage bath house (and most popular) opening a few years later in 2009. This is one unique location!

Being an Australian hot springs, the design aesthetic has borrowed from different natural water therapies from all over the world. Charles had visited several hot springs while living in Japan in 1992 and as such there is a heavy Japanese element to the landscaping and decor with natural limestone framing gorgeous creeks and gullies throughout. Designed by the same designer who recently completed a Japanese landscape feature in Buckingham Palace, this is a true sight and will instantly take you far far away from Victoria. Not too far however as the Bath House area also has the most gorgeous 360 degree view hilltop pool which overlooks the Peninsula and bay reminding you of the beautiful natural area the hot springs are set in; it definitely isn’t trying to be something it’s not with a wetlands area that feels so Australian and instantly homely. Also featuring a Turkish Steam Bath (Hamam), reflexology walk, sauna, cave pool, cold water plunges and massaging thermal showers, this is a one-stop bathing shop.

For the full experience you must spend the day like we did. Starting at Dreaming Centre facility there is a cafe and opportunities to get a variety of treatments, facials and massages. This private area was so relaxing and gave us the chance to sunbath, have a bamboo water massage, enjoy the bubble couch and also experience a 30 minute infrared sauna which can apparently burn up to 600 calories/hour – wow!

Moving on from this, we enjoyed the Bath House centre with all the aforementioned features. Arriving after 10am means that most of the bathing area becomes a child-free zone so this is definitely a benefit to arriving later in the day. You must not miss the Turkish Steam Bath. It is initially confronting and quite shocking to walk into the most humid room you may ever have been/will be in, but you absolutely must stick it out. The health benefits are many (the list will go on for days) so make sure you sit down, take a deep breath and you’ll be feeling like a different person in no time.

Ever expanding, the Peninsula Hot Springs has plans to develop a wetlands area to allow a new breadth of local flora and fauna to visit, whilst allow providing an attractive view for the planned accommodation to be built. Not far from the heart of Rye, when this is completed it will be an exciting getaway for all those looking to have all their needs met in one place. The cafes and restaurants found at the Hot Springs are of fabulous quality as well so I couldn’t recommend this more either.

To see more information from the Peninsula Hot Springs click here or for any other information make sure you visit below.

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and with Christmas around the corner this could be the perfect gift!


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