Chitra, head designer from Chitra’s Closet with her bike and puppy (Image courtesy of Business Chic)

Riding your bike to work or uni is not only cost effective, good for your legs and environmentally friendly, it’s also ludicrously stylish.

An initiative in Brisbane is also bringing art into the relationship between bicycles and good taste. Paper Girl Brisbane collect pieces of art from local and international designers, showcase it in a gallery and then distribute it for free, via bicycle, all over town.

Melbourne’s cycling community has also proved that practical does not mean dull. Babes hit the streets on vintage bikes with custom baskets or a lightweight backpack with lovely leather details. Pin stripe suits bunch at the knees and clogs get caught in pedals but they ride on with style.
Here are some of our top picks to help you dominate the bike lane.
Cycle Style is a wonderful online resource for chic cycling pieces. They made an appearance at The Big Design Market earlier this month selling baskets, horns and bikes to lovers of both cycling and design. Our favourites are:

This mauve rain proof cape complete with beautiful bow and helmet space

A flower embellished helmet to slip underneath that lilac dream,

And the innovative handlebar clutch, to hold the key to your bike lock and complete the look.

Etsy is also a really great source for cycling accessories as they are often handmade by people who cycle on the daily and understand the intricacies of using a bike as transport.

This seat cover would be perfect for locking your bike up anywhere in Melbourne, where it might either heat up or rain on your bum shelf.

For the ladies and gents who can’t deny themselves a good vintage floral, this bag and cover combination is for you.

Love Hate backpacks are made and designed in Melbourne, you can grab them on their online shop and probably, with a polite email, go pick them up on your bike.


Even a rusty fixie can look good with the right injection of pizazz, see you in the bike lane!


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