Melbournians are notorious for their love of all things burgers, and we’re a tough crowd to please. “Hold the tomato”, “Can I have extra sauce?”, “No pickles, please”…sound familiar? McDonald’s certainly has heard it all before and to make sure that even the fussiest of burger connoisseurs is pleased, they’ve created Create Your Taste – a completely customised burger that’s made especially for you. We visited Macca’s Collingwood location to see how the personalised burgers stacked up (spoiler: they did).

First thing you’ll notice is that the ordering process is automated, taking place on touch screens loaded with the 30 customisable ingredients and sauces. Guided through five steps, you can choose from never-before-offered breads – brioche style or baker’s bun, or, if you’d rather, a lettuce wrap – gourmet cheeses, fresh salads and fun additions like grilled onions. We settled on a Mexican-inspired creation – Angus beef with colby jack cheese, jalapeños, tortilla strips and fresh salad on a brioche style bun, topped off with guacamole.


The process is super simple, and there’s a handy guide on the left hand side to show you what you’ve included (or, rather, what you might have forgotten), before you lock it in. Next step? Make it a meal, or grab a coffee from McCafé, grab your number, and wait for your burger to be hand delivered to you.


When the burger arrived, two things came to mind. First, the ads are right – the Create Your Taste service is not what you expect at McDonald’s, and secondly, the presentation is made for #instafood posts. Served on a wooden board and with a wire basket of fries, the experience is completely different to your traditional Macca’s run, down to the personal delivery by hand.


Overall, Create Your Taste proved itself to be a completely different experience to what what I was expecting. Far from just an edit of their stable of burgers, Create Your Taste allows you to design a completely unique taste (and I mean unique, since the implementation of the offering, less than ten burgers have been replicated), and with the rustic presentation, it’s a fun and creative way to revisit an old favourite.

Couturing trialed the ‘Create Your Taste’ concept as guests of McDonald’s. This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and McDonalds.

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