The Calvin Klein name is synonymous with effortless sex appeal, timelessness and wearability. Since the label’s inception in 1968, the design house has been responsible for turning Brooke Shields into a household name and giving Kate Moss both her start in the modeling industry and a career revival. Calvin Klein Jeans are sexy, edgy and always innovative, and the label’s Fall 2012 line has given our wardrobe staple a new, trend-driven lease of life.

Couturing speaks to the iconic Kevin Carrigan, Global Creative Director of ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans, about metallic denim, provocative design and finding the perfect fit.

GEMMA: The new Calvin Klein Jeans fall line features “liquid metal” inspired denim, edgy silhouettes, leather and metallics. Tell us a bit about your inspiration and direction for this season.

KEVIN: The Fall 2012 Calvin Klein Jeans line has a seductive, urban appeal. Inspired by Andy Warhol and Factory Girl, our sexy, skinny jeans feature lustrous finishes in gold, silver and bronze. The look is edgy with a subtle touch of glamour.

GEMMA: What does Calvin Klein Jeans have that other denimwear labels lack that makes it so successful?

KEVIN: Technology has helped our brand evolve over the years, enabling us to stay relevant and continuously introduce innovative, new cuts, fabrics and constructions. However, throughout all of that progress, we also always manage to remain true to our heritage and core design values. For Calvin Klein Jeans, that translates to sexy, defined jeans with an edge.

GEMMA: Denim is a style staple in one’s wardrobe, but it’s tough to find the right pair. What are some tips you can give us on finding the perfect pair of jeans?

KEVIN: Jeans can be difficult to buy, because the fit and sizing of each pair varies slightly as a result of the different washes and treatments used on the denim. So when you are you trying them on, always bring multiple pairs of your own size into the fitting room and take the time to find the perfect fit.

GEMMA: The Fall 2012 Calvin Klein Jeans campaign includes a video with Lara Stone wearing the new “liquid metal” inspired jeans. The digital movement has recently been swept up by the fashion industry. How do you think this movement has affected the way we view fashion?

KEVIN: The digital world, from connectivity to instant imagery, is changing how we see everything, including fashion, architecture, art and film. It allows us all to immediately share our creativity in literally seconds to the whole world. We are in an unparalleled, information and technological revolution that will change the face of how we see, hear and do things for better or worse. But for me, how you dress and style yourself, be cool and relevant in fashion, is about an honest, authentic expression of your design sensibility. You have to stay true to your aesthetic, while pushing forward and staying current – always thinking of the present and the future.

GEMMA: Finally, what’s next for Calvin Klein Jeans?

KEVIN:  For the fall season, I wanted to bring sensuality and sexiness back, by launching our metallic, stretch, skinny jean. It caresses and curves the body almost like liquid mercury. My goal is to keep designing in this innovative and provocative way.

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