One should never enter the doors of the Malthouse Theatre expecting ‘just dance’. The artistry and creative conception conducted by choreographer, Anouk Van Diyk, ensures that every audience member will leave Chunky Move’s 247 Days stunned. Van Diyk’s concoction of dance, text, light and sound will not just captivate you but rather, leave you drunk with inspiration.


The opening sequence, introduced by Lauren Langlois, landscapes the constant vibrations of our innermost desires, fears and needs. The interplay of identity and communication seemed to unravel with each bend of the hips and flick of the wrists. Lauren proves to be a superb dancer with strong core and artistic conveyance. Her work in previous Chunky Move productions such as An Act of Now only add to her repertoire and connection with the audience.


Followed by her fellow artists, the narrative swaps between solos and group work in order to display the full spectrum of aesthetic principles. The space within Merlyn Theatre bends to the will of the director, as each flourish of skill is accompanied by a haunting use of sound and lighting.


There is a moment between the sequences where the audience is allowed a pause before their attention is once again claimed by the raw talent of Leif Heliand and James Pham.  This duet of flawless physicality will not just astound you, but leave you feeling lifted. Both dancers exude a vulnerability that is held only by those with an acute sense of personal strength. This kinaesthetic awareness and emotional discipline conveys a discourse on love and loss that is inspiring to say the least.


Chunky Move productions take you on a journey that blends the distinction between the audience and the performer. It would be difficult to leave 247 Days untouched. There is something truly moving in the honesty displayed on stage, something that Van Diyk describes as ‘a tiny crack in time’,  of a hidden inner world. 

Where: Merlyn Theatre
When: 15th-23rd March (not showing on the 19th)
How Much: $30 – $59.





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