I have to admit, I hadn’t expected to be standing in a hotel bathroom having my face gently massaged by Trinny Woodall, the founder of Trinny London but here I was in a state of bliss. I mean, who doesn’t love an impromptu facial or talking beauty and skincare? Trinny was on a whirlwind trip to promote her much loved beauty brand, Trinny London and celebrate pop up stores in Sydney at Westfield Bondi Junction and Melbourne at Westfield Doncaster.


Known for her sense of fashion and style, Trinny has been providing us all with fashion and beauty tips on TV, YouTube, Instagram and magazines, and has branched out now with her eponymous beauty brand, Trinny London. Aimed at keeping beauty simple but effective, the brand has built up a cult following with fans around the world with many fans belonging to the Trinny Tribe, a community that shares beauty tips and talks all things Trinny London. During her visit to Australia she held several Trinny Tribe events for fans alike to celebrate all things Trinny London (and let’s be honest, Trinny herself)


Most recently, Trinny London has extended its brand to include skincare. Each skincare product range is thoughtfully developed to include well researched ingredients that work together or individually to help your skin.


During my Trinny encounter, I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her beauty brand and asked her to share some of her best beauty tips.


Congratulations on your skincare range! Was the range always on the radar from the beginning of the brand?

A lot of people thought I might do skincare from the start of the brand but I wanted to take the time with the formulations and really do the research. My ethos has been to do things that transform the skin. For example, BFF De-Stress tinted serum, we found an active in Switzerland called Neurophroline and included it in the formulation. It helps to reduce cortisol in the epidermis as we know cortisol can have a damaging effect on skin. Also in Pump Up, we included Hyaluronic acid and peptides to target hydration and build plumpness in the skin. Peptides are the most exciting ingredient as most people can use it!


How much involvement do you have in the development of each product?

EVERYTHING! I have an obsession with ingredients! When I started on the skincare journey, I felt like I needed to understand what went into the formulation. I studied and learnt about ingredients  – what are good ingredient combinations? Are the ingredients happy friends and work together or are they good at balancing each other, or is an ingredient a hero ingredient and what works well to support it? Really taking the time to understand the ingredients has been the driving force of what has gone into our products. For example, in the Better Off cleanser, we’re introducing layers of acids at the same time as cleaning. The AHA/PHAs work to exfoliate and clean (Lactic and Malic acid) and help with the hydration (Lactobionic acid).


How important is cleansing in a beauty routine?

I love a cleansing ritual and taking the time to take off my makeup and  unwind. I massage around my ears and my neck to help the lymphatic system as well as harnessing the peptide ingredients to help my skin whilst I’m cleaning it. I love using the Be Your Best, enzyme balm cleanser on my face which I massage into the skin before using the T-Towel muslin cloth. The balm is a beautiful experience and despite it being an oil based balm, it doesn’t leave an oil slick on your face.


For those that are short on time, what are your beauty tips for them?

Make the time for a beauty routine and you’ll thank me for it! I think it’s important that we look in the mirror, and not look for eternal youth because that’s not realistic, but that we look at our skin and see whether it’s energised. I have life in my skin and it’s because I make the time to spend time looking after it. I work a good 12 hour day so no excuses!


Any tips for how to use actives?

A lot of people use very strong acids and break their skin barrier. I would advise people to spread the use of acids across different stages of your routine. For example during the day I’d use a PHA, a good leave on acid that everyone can use, whilst at night, I’d use a BHA. I’d also make sure your skin is hydrated so make sure you balance out your actives with a good hydrator as well.



Trinny London pop ups are at Westfield Bondi Junction and Westfield Doncaster where you can see the range in person or book an appointment for a makeup or skincare consultation (prices vary)

To buy online or to book an appointment at the pop ups, visit www.trinnylondon.com

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