With the departure of the dry heat of summer, autumn is the perfect time to refresh and repair your hair. KEVIN.MURPHY has you sorted and their products will bring your hair back to its peak condition.

“Products promoting strength and elasticity will repair summer damage, while hydrating plant oils provide essential moisture throughout winter,” says international editorial stylist Kevin Murphy. “Take advantage of the cooler months spent indoors and make weekly treatments a priority. Strengthening amino acids and nourishing fruit oils make a world of difference to the health of hair. And when hair is in great condition, styling is a breeze.”

To hydrate and repair this autumn, KEVIN.MURPHY recommends (from left to right):

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YOUNG.AGAIN ($49.95)

This treatment restores strength, elasticity and shine to hair damaged by chemical and heat damage.


A restorative shampoo containing a complex of 20 Amino Acids and anti-ageing extracts from Lotus Flower and Orchid, helping to renew youthfulness and shine to dry hair.


Condition with a complex of 20 Amino Acids as Bamboo and Lotus Extracts provide strength and Baobab and Mango Seed oils iron out frizz.


This deep conditioning treatment will repair and smooth your hair thanks to Rose Hip and Evening Primrose oils to hydrate frizzy or coarse, colour-treated hair.

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Vibrantly red hair colour has been everywhere lately, and this trend isn’t going away, as evidenced by blonde bombshell celebs including Kate Bosworth, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone all taking up strawberry locks.

As REDKEN Creative Color Consultant Tracey Cunningham proclaims, “Deep strong vibrant REDS are here to stay!”, and REDKEN has now made it even easier to achieve a true, intense red hair colour with its new INTENSE RUSH salon colour treatment.

REDKEN’s INTENSE RUSH shades showcase a new technology by REDKEN, CARMIN’R. With eight years of research and development behind it, the CARMIN’R molecule has a unique structure, its high affinity to hair trapping the dye deep in the hair fibre’s core to create a powerful and long-lasting colour. With colour-fading being the top concern for redheads, CARMIN’R’s intensity keeps true colour for up to 40 washes.

Keep that colour fresh and vibrant at home with the REDKEN Color Extend Magnetics collection. Featuring IPN Technology and Charge-Attract-Complex, the Color Extend Magnetics range will strengthen hair and keep your colour fresh and vibrant.

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ecostore has switched all of their products to a plastic packaging made from sugarcane, marking the beginning of a new approach to sustainable product packaging. The sugarcane-based HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bottle resembles regular petrochemical plastic to the naked eye, and has been dubbed the Carbon Capture™ Pak.


The sugarcane is taken from a renewable, sustainable and fast-growing crop in Brazil. Founder and CEO of ecostore Malcolm Rands explains, “There is a very good reason why we are calling this our Carbon Capture™ Pak.  As sugarcane grows, it captures Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, which is then stored in the plastic… effectively help[ing] to reduce climate change”

Each kilogram of Carbon Capture™ plastic produced captures and stores the equivalent of two kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. By contrast, each kilogram of petrochemical plastic produced generates 1.83 kilograms of carbon dioxide. By using Carbon Capture™ for their product packaging, ecostore will save 639 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

For a detailed explanation of the process, watch this video by ecostore.

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