Season 10 of Australia’s Next Top Model has been hitting up our screens with some of Australia’s hottest undiscovered modelling talent. This week the girl’s were given the opportunity to participate in the Colgate Optic White Challenge to win a spot as the brand’s ambassador. Jordan was the winner and becomes the new face of the brand, following in the footsteps of ANTM host Jennifer Hawkins. We caught up with her following her win.


Congratulations on winning the Colgate Optic White Challenge. How did you feel whilst you were participating in the challenge?

The challenge was exactly that – a challenge! It wasn’t just a photo shoot. We had to create content for social media that was fun and sharable. I use social media nearly every day, but to have to create something completely original and relevant to the client meant we had to think like a professional. There was a lot of pressure, but I’m happy to say our group rose to the challenge. I believe self confidence was a key factor in this, you had to really believe in your ideas and trust that they would work, and we got 100% so they definitely did!


As the winner of the challenge, you will be the new brand ambassador for Colgate Optic White. What does it feel like to be a brand ambassador?

To be the face of Colgate Optic White High Impact is a dream come true. I mean, until we did the challenge, Jen was the brand’s ambassador and, now it’s me! Taking over from someone as big as Jen is such an amazing thing to achieve so early on in my career, plus I will be representing a well-known, global brand, which is crazy! It’s going to be so weird but so exciting to see myself in ads for Colgate Optic White.


What has been like being part of ANTM? Have there been any highlights so far?

Honestly, winning this challenge! It’s been such an amazing confidence boost, and has landed me my first proper modeling campaign. I couldn’t be more excited to be the face of Colgate Optic White.


What has surprised you whilst you’ve been competing in ANTM?

How nice everyone is! Even though we’re all competing for the same prize, we’ve all formed really close friendships and want each other to succeed.


What’s your beauty regime? Do you have any favourite products?

I don’t have a hugely strict beauty regime. I just always make sure to take off my makeup at the end of the day, moisturize regularly, especially if I’m travelling which tires out my skin, and drink lots of water! I keep my makeup pretty simple too, mainly just mascara on my top eyelashes and a red lip when I’m going out. Colgate Optic White is a necessity too of course – a bright white smile is the ultimate accessory!


What has it been like working with some of Australian Fashion’s most famous faces?

I thought it would be really intimidating, but everyone’s been so lovely and supportive, you almost forget that they’re all super famous, influential, fashion icons! Meeting Elle Macpherson was an incredible experience. She’s such a role model to me, and to get to hear about some of her experiences in the industry was such an amazing privilege.

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