It’s not often I leave a restaurant and claim it’s one of the best meals I’ve had all year in Melbourne, but this is exactly what happened part way through my 8 course omakase meal at Oshan Contemporary Sushi.  Located in South Yarra, Oshan Contemporary Sushi is a haven for those seeking an extraordinary culinary experience


The owners, Vanessa Fodera and Chef Paterson, have established an elegant, modern dining room with minimalist nod to Japanese aesthetics. The minimalist decor, subtle lighting, and the intimate setting, seating only 15 covers, allows guests to enjoy the serenity and ambience, and focus on the culinary journey they’re taken on by Chef Paterson.


The menu


The chef hails from Brazil, a country that is home to the largest Japanese population outside of Japan. Piqued by his interest in Japanese cuisine in Brazil, Chef Paterson sought to perfect his understanding and skills in the fine art of sushi mastery and has trained under the masters at Nobu, culminating in his own spin to traditional Japanese cuisine.


The way that the chef  blends his experience and background from Brazil in a balanced but innovative way is what makes the menu stand out from your traditional Japanese omakase. He is able to blend and balance flavours and textures in a restrained way, enhancing and elevating flavours and ingredients. This means the flavours work and are not overpowering or competing with each other on the palate. The well thought out and well balanced concoction of the chef’s secret sauces and dressings were a real treat that elevated the experience.


Whilst each dish was a symphony of flavors, textures, and visual delights these were the standout dishes.


Highlights from the Omakase

The Oyster was topped with Toro, Uni and Ikura with the Chef’s secret dressing. A brilliant combination of flavours melded together to bring a delightful taste sensation. The texture and mix of the toppings to deliver a singular taste experience was further enhanced by the sweetness of the secret dressing.


The Hiaramasa Kingfish & Ora King Salmon Sashimi Tiradito with Ikura and the Chef’s dressing – The dry aged salmon took on a more rich and luxurious texture which was a real surprise. The secret dressing was an unique take on your normal dressing with hints of sweetness from fruit. Sadly chef doesn’t sell this dressing separately, otherwise I’m sure my fridge would be stocked with it for my salads!

The Nigiri selection  Fresh and flavourful, I particularly enjoyed the crispy rice nigiri that was topped with Toro, Uni and Ikura. A delightful play on textures between the crispiness of the rice and the richness of the toro and bursts of flavour with the saltiness of the Ikura and the creaminess of the Uni.

Jyos. A Brazillian take on a sushi roll but fried. Great mix of flavours and the chef cleverly placed a slice of strawberry which I hadn’t experienced before but provided a slight sweetness to the roll.

The panacotta with white chocolate, coconut, mousse and honeycomb crumble was the perfect way to end the meal. Light and delicate, it was a well balanced and textural delight.


The drinks


We selected the matching sake to accompany our meal. Wow. The sake pairing curated for the omakase complemented each dish flawlessly, enhancing the overall dining experience. From crisp and refreshing sake to more rounded flavour sake, I was surprised at the variation of flavours. The owner, Vanessa, explained that the type of yeast used as part of the sake fermentation process influences the flavour of the sake. One of the most surprising sake was one that had hints of Fuji apple. Definitely take advantage of Vanessa’s knowledge in sake to ensure you have the best one/s to accompany your meal.


The wine and cocktail list are also well thought out and I’d highly recommend the Yuzu cocktail.



Oshan Contemporary Sushi in South Yarra is a culinary gem, offering an unforgettable omakase experience that transcends the ordinary. From the impeccable service to the culinary artistry displayed in each course, this restaurant sets a new standard for fine dining in the realm of contemporary Japanese cuisine. While the price reflects the quality, every bite is worth it for those seeking a gastronomic adventure that engages all the senses. Oshan Contemporary Sushi is a must-visit for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, a place where tradition meets innovation in perfect harmony.


Oshan Contemporary Sushi, 2/60 Toorak Road, South Yarra 3141


The writer was hosted by Oshan Contemporary Sushi but not paid or obligated to publish a review.

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