Monday 7th
Jeff Wall at NGV

Dubbed the ‘modern storyteller’, the National Gallery of Victoria is currently exhibiting images by influential photographer Jeff Wall.

Location: National Gallery of Victoria
Dates: Runs until 17th March, 2013
Price: $15 Adults

Tuesday 8th
Tai Chi at Federation Square

We’re only eight days into the new year, and if you’ve managed to keep up your new year’s resolution to be healthy, head down to Federation Square at 7:30am for an hour of Tai Chi. The perfect start to any day!

Location: Federation Square
Dates: Every Tuesday, until 31st December, 2013
Price: Free
Wear: Comfortable, loose fitting clothing and flat shoes


Wednesday 9th
Alfred Hitchcock Marathon

To prepare yourself for the release of Sascha Gervasi’s film Hitchcock on January 10th, rent a classic like Psycho, Rear Window, The Birds or Vertigo. Test whether he really is the ‘master of suspense’.


Thursday 10th
Birds of Paradise- Melbourne Museum

Birds of Paradise at Melbourne Museum not only features 60 wonderful breeds of birds from across the globe, but draws comparison between humans and birds- how we too engage in decoration, dance and try to draw attention to ourselves.

Location: Melbourne Museum
Dates: Daily, until 3 February
Price: Included in museum entry


Friday 11th
Read More

If reading more was on your new year’s resolution list, take the time to go to a café or library and spend a couple of hours with a good book.

Recommended Books:
1. A Week In Winter – Maeve Binchy: Henry and Nicola are burdened with a terrible secret and are hoping a break at Stone House will help them find a way to face the future. Winnie, generally one to make the best of things, finds herself on the holiday from hell. The perfect read to escape those summer days.
2. Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones – Bryan Cogman: A detailed look inside the amazing TV series Game of Thrones, with photos from behind the scenes and cast interviews, it’s perfect for any fan.
3. Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong – David Walsh: The story of Lance Armstrong, as he battled cancer and won his way through seven titles. It seemed almost too good to be true, and it was.

Saturday 12th
Cut the Sugar

There is no time like the present to banish soft drink from your life. It’s amazing how many people don’t realise how bad it is for your body. One can of Coke contains 40 grams of sugar; and it’s not just Coke but even drinks like iced tea and Red Bull contain a ridiculous amount of sugar. So if ‘losing weight’ is one of your priorities this summer, ditch the can of Cola and switch for water instead.


Sunday 13th
Photography Night Walks

Improve your photography skills, or simply stroll around Melbourne at night with a professional photographer as your guide, this creative tour focuses on offering people skills for photography at night. Book Prior.

Location: Meet at Federation Square
Dates: Thursday 7-8:30pm, Sunday 6-7:30pm
Price: $30


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