Travelling to a fashion capital can be an exciting experience, but it can also be incredibly intimidating. From Paris and New York to the sparkling wonders of Milan, these cities are world-known for their glitz, their glamour, and their undeniably good sense of dress. So, if a fashion capital is on your next travel itinerary, here are three tips to take on board.


When travelling to a fashion capital, your worn-down backpack and faded suitcase will not do. Fashion is not just about the clothes on your back but is also about the bags you keep them in. Large travel luggage stores such as Luggage Direct have an enormous array of baggage for all budgets, including the stylish Delsey Chatelet suitcase – a much more realistic option than a Louis Vuitton! Daypacks, carry-on luggage, and handbags are also important to consider as these are the main items you’ll be walking around with. Try to avoid taking a backpack anywhere and instead opt for something over the shoulder with a long strap that will match a number or outfits. If in doubt, luggage picks by Land of the traveler are always a trusted favourite of ours to refer to for research. Also consider proper covers or cases for your documents and passport to really bring out your inner fashionista.


Yes, this tip is easier said than done as it is sometimes a rather difficult achievement to not look ‘touristy’ when you are, in fact, a tourist. The most obvious giveaway is not that you are spending your time around tourist spots – locals appreciate their icons too – but the travel attire you tend to choose for the day. When in a fashion capital, opt for a nice sandal or clean closed-in shoe rather than your comfy walking pair. Don’t wear a camera around your neck, and choose a beautiful dress or a button down cotton shirt for guys. Look tidy. Another big thing to remember is not to wear any ‘place’ t-shirts (e.g. “I Love New York”) – save these for the journey home.

Liu Wen by Will Davidson for Vogue Australia March 2013_4HIT THE RIGHT SPOTS

Each fashion capital has its famous shopping haunts: Rodeo Drive, the Champs Elysees, and Oxford Street to name a few. That doesn’t mean these are the only places to do your shopping though. These streets have become tourist destinations in their own right and are often brimming with flashing cameras during peak seasons. Do your research before you arrive and pinpoint a number of other spots you’ll also get your fashion fix from. Fashion in these types of cities also refers to the eloquent, beautiful and sophisticated abundance of restaurants, cafés, galleries and museums. Make a list, put on a fabulous pair of shoes and hit these spots too!

2. marrakech moment harpers bazaar habituallychicEven if fashion isn’t your main reason for travelling, getting just a small taste of at least one fashion capital in your life is something everyone should do. Although it can get a little crazy, travelling to one of these cities, such as Paris, when Fashion Week is on would be an amazing experience. Celebrities, models, expensive clothes, magazines, cameras, and plenty of ego – what doesn’t sound fantastic about that?!

What are some of your biggest reservations or dreams about travelling to a fashion capital?

Images courtesy of Delsey and Vogue

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