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We’re a country full on winemakers and wine lovers. With locations plentiful of what’s needed to create amazing wine, Australia is not short of amazing wineries. We will travel if we have to, and sometimes that means interstate for a weekend. Good news for any Victorian winelovers, your next winery getaway is within our border, and for those interstate – trust us, it’s worth the short plane trip!

Montara Grampians, in the beautiful wine region of the Grampians, is essential for the bucket list of any serious wine connoisseur. Couturing recently visited the winery to learn about it’s history, meet the owners and of course – try the wine!

With a rich past, the first Montara vines were planted in 1977 on the eastern slopes of Mount Chalambar in an already established wine region. 2013 marked 150 years of winemaking in the region across a variety of styles. Renowned as a region with a climate friendly to grape growers, this is the ideal location to produce cool climate wines.

With an amazing history such as this, it is no wonder that chief winemaker Leigh Clarnette has a contagious passion for what he does. With over 30 years of winemaking experience himself, Leigh is a gold medal winning wine expert leading the team at Montara to produce some incredible flavours.

Now serving 5 different labels of wine, including the sensational Montara Grampians and Chalambar Road rages, there are white, red and sparkling varieties produced locally. This writer trying all varieties during our stay, favourites included the big Shiraz, a crisp Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir that has converted me away from my previous red favourite, Shiraz!

The Montara Grampians estate is available for visits with more information here and wine available for purchase here.

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