Reviewing a fitness class is probably not something I would normally do. As one whose fitness regime involves an occasional casual run around the Tan and a few pilates classes during the week, I wouldn’t say I’m a walking example of #fitspo. But the opportunity to check out one of Melbourne’s hottest new wellness studios piqued my interest and after finding a willing and able plus one, I put my hand up to try a class.

Bodhi & Ride is a new premium boutique wellness studio to hit Melbourne and gives an innovative twist in its classes and approach to catering for busy individuals looking to improve their fitness and wellness. It features three wellness zones where you can challenge yourself physically or replenish yourself mentally. The high-intensity Ride class in the custom built Spin Chamber, or the modern Flow yoga classes in the light-filled Yoga loft are ways to challenge yourself physically. Or if inner calm is what you want to achieve, then you take a guided meditation class in the Unplug pod. Whichever you choose, the experience will leave you better than when you walked in.

The studio is a space of serenity. Muted colours and wood build an inviting and warm environment as soon as you step through the doors. I was a bit apprehensive before I arrived, partly because I had signed up for the Foundation Ride class and hadn’t done that type of class for a very long time, probably about a decade. Secondly the memories of the last spin class I had done conjured up feelings of heightened adrenalin coupled with recollections of sickness, blackouts and major embarrassment. Perhaps apprehension is the wrong word to use and the word ‘fear’ would be a more apt description to explain how I felt but I had committed to it and I couldn’t back out after dragging out my plus one early on a Saturday morning! As soon as I stepped through those doors and welcomed by the lovely Catherine (who turned out to be the instructor) my anxiety dissipated as she explained what the class was about, and how I could work at my own pace. After a good pep talk from another member of the Bodhi & Ride team (which involved a reality check of “it will hurt for about 10 minutes but you will be fine after”) I was ready for class.

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Whilst the studio itself was calm, the Spin Chamber was something totally different. It felt like I’d walked into a nightclub. Music pumping, flashing lights and a feeling of high energy. As I stepped into the chamber I wasn’t quite sure why the music was so loud, I did think it might be because they can’t hear you screaming….but now that I’ve actually done the class, I think it’s because there is so much concentration involved that if the music wasn’t loud enough you just wouldn’t hear it or the beat!

The bikes are spread across the chamber, all facing the mirror so you can definitely check out your posture and stance whilst on the bike. Everything you need is given to you for the class, from the cycle shoes to the towels and weights, and the instructor did ensure that everyone’s seat was the right height and handlebars were the correct distance.

I’ll be honest. The first ten or so minutes were hard. So much so, that my legs burned and it it weren’t for the fact that (a) I couldn’t stop because I didn’t know how to get the shoes out of the clips (rookie mistake I think!) and (b) I brought along a friend who’s in pretty good shape and I didn’t want him to think I was a wuss, I would have probably just quit. But I powered on and before you knew it, I was turning up that resistance and really getting into it.

The class features sections that focus on the legs, core and the upper body, giving a full body workout. Use of the weights during class was a really good way to build strength in the upper body, whilst chest presses on the bike were also added in to give an extra level of workout. The various sections were timed well to ensure that a good amount of time was spent on each of the upper body, legs and chest/shoulders and also made the class more interesting. The class actually went pretty quick and before I knew it, we were warming down and stretching.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.53.00 pm

I don’t think I have sweated like that in a long time (thank god for waterproof eyeliner) but the workout was a really great way to start the weekend and I actually felt really great after class. I was a bit sore the next day in my shoulders, but I’d put that largely down to not really doing anything in a cycle like posture for a while (perhaps also I’m just getting old!)

If you are looking to step up your fitness a notch then definitely consider the Ride class at Bodhi & Ride. It’s a great workout with both cardio and strengthening elements and in a modern venue with everything that you could possibly need for the perfect fitness experience.

The team behind the venue are super friendly and helpful AND they have a great selection of healthy treats that you can purchase after your class to satisfy any food cravings you may have developed in class!

Bodhi & Ride have opening specials so that you can sample what their studio and classes are all about.
Visit the website for more information
Bodhi & Ride is located at 418 Bay Street Port Melbourne 3207

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