Did you know that the style and shape of a wine glass makes a difference to the taste of the wine?  The size, shape and quality of the glass directly impacts on how wine tastes and smells, as the wine to air, and shape of the glass can change the experience for drinkers.  The wider the bowl the greater surface area of wine in contact with air which encourages release of aromatics, whilst the shape of the rim affects palate delivery, where and how the wine is directed to the mouth.

Knowing which glass goes with which wine can be difficult, but we’ve asked the team at Plumm, a Melbourne owned and based wine glass company, to share their secrets of picking the right glass for the right wine.

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For aromatic white wines including classic grape varietals such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Gewurtztraminer, Fiano, Albarino etc – generally speaking wine styles that are aromatic, clean, crisp and unoaked, a narrow bowl that is wider at the centre and tapers towards the rim like the WHITEa glass from the Plumm Glass range is the perfect glass. The widening at the centre of the bowl allows the wine to come in contact with air to release aromatic compounds, the tapered rim assists in trapping the delicate, lifted aromatics. The angle of the rim allows direct, focused delivery of wine at the front to mid palate to emphasise natural acidity but also balance fruit sweetness.  Acidity in wine is what makes a wine seem refreshing as it induces salivation and entices you into a second sip.

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Medium to full bodied white wines including classic grape varietals such as Chardonnay, Viognier, mature Semillon etc – generally speaking these wine styles that are complex, rich white wines which have seen some time in oak, the WHITEb is the glass for these wines. The WHITEb features a larger and wider bowl to allow them to breathe.  So, unlike WHITEa where we want to capture the delicate aromatics, in WHITEb  some of the dominant oak aromas are encouraged to dissipate, so the fruit comes to the forefront. Relaxed curve ensure broad palate delivery.  The delivery of the wine on the palate is wider, less focused. The wine coats the whole tongue to accentuates broad mouthfeel and the creamy textural component of the wine.  The larger and wider bowl allows the balance of primary fruit characteristics, oak, alcohol and acidity.

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Designed for light to medium bodied styles of red wine wines including Pinot Noir, Gamay and Nebbiolo – generally speaking these wine styles have low to medium levels of tannin, reasonably high acid and a delicate aromatic profile, the REDb features a unique bowl shape.  It has a large bowl to allow good surface contact of the wine with the air to release the aromatics but with a tapered inward shape, the delicate aromatics are captured and channeled towards the nose. The flared/tulip-shaped rim of this glass is designed to depress the bottom lip to deliver the wine to the sweet-spot at the very tip of the tongue.  This accentuates the physiological ripe, bright red primary fruit characters found in these lighter styles of red wine.

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For larger full bodied red wines that are big and bold with high tannin, high alcohol, high avid and oak maturation including Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot, Malbec, the large bowl allows the aromatics of the wine to open and helps to balance alcohol and oak components to allow the primary fruit characters and spice to shine. Broad palate delivery to increase the textural component of the wine to express tannin, acidity and length.


With all this knowledge from Plumm, you have no excuse to enhance your quaffing experience. Go forth and try it for yourself and let u us know if you can taste the difference!


For more information on Plumm glassware visit https://www.plumm.com/

About Plumm

All Plumm glassware is made from lead-free European crystal.  The mineral composition of crystal enables us to produce fine glassware which is delicate yet durable; Born and bred in Melbourne, Plumm is the first Australian glassware brand designed for specific wine styles. Produced in Europe from the highest quality crystal Plumm is designed to be enjoyed every day.



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