DCI Corporation, a Melbourne-based company is poised at the edge of global lingerie domination following the successful launch of Von Follies by Dita Von Teese in the UK and Europe.

Von Follies Lingerie Collection by Dita Von Teese

The company’s commitment to producing lingerie and underwear that is beautiful, of superior quality and exceptional value was a natural choice for the international burlesque star: “I had a vision to create a beautiful collection based on my love of vintage glamour. With their expertise and business acumen, DCI Corporation was able to realize my vision and make it a commercial reality.”

If you mistook DCI to stand for Design Creativity and Innovation, the woman responsible is Helen Anderson, the company’s General Manager. It is her vision that transformed DCI Corporation into Australia’s premium lingerie supplier, inspiring designer and celebrity collections with local retailers including Collette by Collete Dinnigan for UK High Street retailer Marks and Spencers, and Shane Warne’s Spinners label for Target.

With exciting collaborations in the near horizon, Australia’s ‘Lingerie Queen’ talks to Couturing about the importance of Design Creativity and Innovation.


JADE: Congratulations on the launch of Von Follies by Dita Von Teese in the UK and Europe! This has propelled your company, DCI Corporation, to global recognition – how did you celebrate this?

HELEN: It is important to celebrate the successes. When we launched in the UK we celebrated with Dita, our PR team and our retail partners with a fabulous cocktail party at the Langham Hotel in London. Very chic.

Dita (centra) at the Von Follies Launch Cocktail Event held at The Langham Hotel in London

JADE: What was it like working with Dita Von Teese?

HELEN: Working with Dita is a great experience. She understands her brand and her image very well. She defines vintage glamour and style and that makes it easy to keep the product development true to the brand. Dita is one of the hardest working people I have ever worked with. She believes in her lingerie collection and she devotes so much time, energy and creative thought to the business. She is completely professional.

JADE: Your resume reads like the Who’s Who of the lingerie industry! You transformed Collette by Collette Dinnigan into a high profile lingerie brand. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future and why?

HELEN: This is hard to define. Someone with a high profile, someone who has a profile which has synergy with fine lingerie. Someone who relates to what we call a “forever 30” customer. We are searching the globe.

JADE: You were given the challenge of establishing a bra division from scratch. Is the process of creating lingerie different from the rest of the clothing industry?

HELEN: Yes. Designing lingerie is a time honoured art! Our designers need to be so precise; there is no room for error. Women have great expectation from their lingerie. We want great fit, comfort, support and we want it to look beautiful. Creating beautiful lingerie is one thing, making sure if fits perfectly is where the skill is required. At DCI we spend a great deal of time assessing fit and comfort. All of our products are designed in Melbourne; all sizes are graded and sampled in Melbourne. We maintain this expertise locally because we believe that we can control the end results better and the end result is great quality lingerie which delivers on its promise of fabulous fit and comfort without compromising design.

JADE: How do you think the attitude towards lingerie has evolved over the years?

HELEN: Lingerie isn’t hidden away anymore. A hint of lace, a pretty strap is all designed to be seen. Lingerie has evolved from everyday essentials to an indulgence, a daily luxury, a fashion fix. And that’s a good thing!

JADE: Is ethical production something that DCI Corporation finds important?

HELEN: Absolutely, and our retail partners are equally committed to working with suppliers who are ethically compliant. DCI works with a select group of strategic manufacturing partners. Part of the selection process when choosing such partners is to make sure that they are ethically compliant.

JADE: As your lingerie empire continues to grow, what is next for DCI Corporation?

HELEN: There is still so much to do with Von Follies by Dita Von Teese and with Collette Dinnigan lingerie. The Collette Dinnigan mainline lingerie collection will be launched in David Jones in February 2013. It is a beautiful range designed by the Australian queen of lace. Plus we have plans to broaden the Collette by Collette Dinnigan diffusion lingerie collection with Marks and Spencer.

And, at DCI we are always looking for new collaboration possibilities…watch this space!

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