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When it comes to haircare my efforts have always been focused on styling products in a bid to tame the battlefield that is my hair. My hair is constantly at war with itself – dry frizz verses soft romantic spirals and it’s not often that I stop to think about how I should be looking after my blonde hair.

When I was recently offered the chance to try out the Kevin Murphy products, Blonde Angel Wash and Blonde Angel I didn’t know what to expect, except for what was stated on the packaging, and even then I didn’t know if it would work knowing my hair. I was pleasantly surprised.

With its beautifully minimalistic trademark bottles and guaranteed heavenly fragrances, Blonde Angel Wash and Blonde Angel work to replenish and protect coloured blonde hair keeping it bright, soft and brassiness free while extending the life of your colour.

Using the Blonde Angel Wash first, the shampoo contains a multitude of brassiness fighters such as Lavender Extracts, Mango Seed and Shea Butter, that help to lift your hair in the shine and moisturising stakes. It is particularly effective on fragile hair that has been through the tumult of the colouring process.

Like the Blonde Angel Wash before it, the Blonde Angel contains Keratin Amino Acids and optical brighteners along with floral extracts and natural softening agents that make your hair feel so silky and soft while helping to promote healthy hair.

My hair felt noticeably softer and silkier and after drying, and my hair was brighter and bouncier, the dryness replaced with moisture. While these products are aimed at coloured blonde hair, they are not exclusive to it. These products work just as well on natural blonde hair and also on those who are now silver foxes as my mother has found.

While I don’t think I’ll ever find the solution to completely ease my frizz, which no matter what, comes out victor, I would gladly continue using Blonde Angel Wash and Blonde Angel.

To purchase Blonde Angel Wash or Blonde Angel visit to find your nearest stockist.

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Illustration and image by Bibiana Whitty for Couturing

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