I felt little (almost no) shame when asked to contribute my thoughts on mens’ facial cleansers.  As a man whose face is subject to an air-conditioned office environment for 12 hours a day, I know only too well how important it is to keep one’s face clean, clear and hydrated. Cleansers also bring the added benefit of increasing blood circulation and allows your skin to better absorb your moisturiser.


I have used a variety of cleansers in the past (although currently I am using Aesop’s Amazing Face Cleanser) but I’m a man that likes to try new things, so there was no way I was going to pass on an offer to test out a range of men’s cleansers for Couturing.

L’Oreal Men Expert – Hydra Energetic X-treme Magnetic Charcoal Cleanser

This product, strangely enough, is black and thick, which is somewhat atypical for a cleanser.  With a little work, it foams up and feels like it lifts away any grease from your face. Since I am not being prone to having too filthy a dial after a day at ‘the coal face’ (ironically one of its ingredients is charcoal), this product may be better suited to those involved in more active pursuits.  I guess the name isn’t supposed to be ironic.


L’Oreal Men Expert – Vita Lift Foaming Cleansing Cream

A step down from Product 1 in terms of ‘vigour’ of cleaning power, this cleanser feels smooth on the face and doesn’t feel too abrasive.  It left the face clean and clear without feeling like I had taken half my skin off.  Notwithstanding the difference in appearance (and potentially target market), it had a pleasant smell, similar to the Hydra Energetic X-treme cleanser.


Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive

The Biotherm cleanser was smooth and creamy and probably a more ‘subtle’ cleanser than the first two products I tested. It foamed well and was easy to rinse off.  Having somewhat dry skin, I felt that this cleanser was more suited to me than either of Products 1 or 2, and  personally also preferred the smell of this cleanser.


Skin Minerals for Men by Giorgio Armani – Cleansing Cream

Much like the Biotherm cleanser, the Skin Minerals cleanser is a subtle cleansing product that cleans and leaves the skin feeling free of oil and dirt without feeling like you have taken to yourself with some sandpaper.  Packaging is sleek and modern – the kind of thing Giorgio Armani is known for.



Of the four, my preferred product would be the Biotherm Homme.  More subtle than the L’Oreal offerings and less likely than the Skin Minerals to lead to confusion if left on the bedside table. It also left my skin feeling clean and light.  Oh, I quite like the smell also.


Biotherm is available for $29 at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies. However, the L’Oreal products are a good alternative and the price point of approx. $14 is also worth considering as these ranges are available at supermarkets, selected pharmacies and Priceline. Giorgio Armani is available for $55 at David Jones and other stockists. For more information on Giorgio Armani call 1300 651 991.



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