Total Face Group (TFG) is an exciting and innovative new player in the Facial Aesthetics market and brings a highly experienced team of Doctors, Aesthetic Nurse Consultants and Dermal Therapists to consumers.

With a focus on an honest and educated approach to facial aesthetics, Total Face Group offer their clients the ability to create a personalised, long-term treatment plan resulting in more achievable results, their mantra being ‘Effortless Beauty’. TFG CEO Jo Hannah is an experienced veteran of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, her focus has been to continue to craft TFG as a specialist clinic where clients can expect the very best in consultation, treatment and outcomes, within a professional environment. With a growing number of TFG locations across Australia, who better to ask about cosmeceuticals are all about than with TFG CEO Jo Hannah.


What makes TFG different from other beauty and cosmeceutical players in the industry?
Total Face Group is a business run by women, for women. This gives our experienced team a unique insight into the needs of our clients, and what compels them to consider enhancing their appearance. In a major step forward, TFG recently (Jan 2016) became the first aesthetic company globally to be listed on a stock exchange.
At the core of our philosophy is creating a natural look to ensure our clients look their best. Our qualified team of doctors, aesthetic nurse consultants and dermal therapists carefully listen to and guide our clients through the options that best suit their needs. We believe in honesty, experience and tailoring treatments and products to the individual.

No two people are alike – and no treatments should be alike.


How does TFG work with clients and treat them individually rather than some of competitors whose approaches are less personal and more fast beauty solutions?

Total Face Group has a very high doctor to patient ratio, giving clients the confidence that they have the best medical experience, support and care available to them – 24 hours a day. Our doctors are leaders in their fields, and most have been involved in medical aesthetics for the past 15 – 20 years ensuring we can provide the utmost expertise and care. In addition, our aesthetic nurse consultants, who work closely with our Doctors, are some of the most experienced in the industry due to our internal training and professional development programs. Our staff understand the demands on women, and are prepared to book late appointments for those
who can’t get away from work.


For those that are hesitant in trying cosmetic treatments, what are your tips in approaching overcoming the hesitation and things they should be looking for?

Once educated on the facts, potential clients quickly understand that the treatments we offer are temporary and low-risk, with minimal discomfort.
I would advise anyone researching cosmetic injectable treatments to ask these key questions:
a) How experienced and qualified is your clinician?
b) What consultation do they offer and is their advice relevant to you?
c) What products do they recommend and why?
d) How long will the treatment last, and what is the maintenance plan?
e) What medical support do they offer, and is the treatment performed in a medical clinic?

Our research shows that people in their 20s are twice as likely to have a cosmetic treatment than any other age group. They are looking for great skin, preventative wrinkle treatments and luscious lips. In the technology era, it’s never been more important to look good in a selfie and project confidence.

For clients aged 35 and above who are often juggling the demands of work and children. 39 and above is all about looking good for the age you are and the skin you are in. They want to walk into a room and be asked: “Have you been on holiday?”, or “Have you lost weight?”.

And to be told their skin is glowing. Most importantly, they want to look natural and feel confident.

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In your experience, what’s your approach to enhancing your natural beauty? Do you undertake a specific regime i.e. mix skincare and treatments?

Like most modern women, I’m time poor. Despite the amount of time I spend in our clinics, I rarely get the chance to have a treatment myself.
To make it as easy as possible for clients to ensure they maintain a refreshed look, we send SMS notifications when treatments are due. I want to ensure my look lasts as long as possible and doesn’t wear off.

Personally, I ensure my skin is as healthy as it can be with my Ultraceuticals Skin care range. I stick to a daily routine, as well as a quarterly peel and microdermabrasion to help replenish and renew my skin cells.
I also book in for Botox or Dysport anti-wrinkle treatments every three to four months to soften my frownand forehead lines. My face still looks natural but I feel the treatment takes away a certain ‘harshness’.

What are your favourite treatments and products to use?

I’m always keen to try new treatments and work with our medical team to comprehensively research, test and review modern technologies.
To ensure we are giving our clients educated advice, our team try the treatments for themselves and assess the results.
Anti-wrinkle treatments are an essential part of my maintenance regime. I have treatments at least three times a year to maintain my look. I combine this with Vitamin A for skin rejuvenation and a Vitamin C anti-oxidant, which assists is sun protection. I’m originally from the UK, so I didn’t grow up using
sunscreen. But now I realise that it should be part of everyone’s daily skin care regime.
I’m also huge fan of CoolSculpting and have received treatments to my lower abdomen (the muffin top that hangs over my jeans) and my outer thighs. It has made such a difference to how I feel in my clothes, and it’s a relief to finally stop sucking in my stomach!
For the first time since I had children 18 years ago, I wore a bikini last summer. I’m no supermodel, but I finally felt confident enough to ditch the kaftan.

My favourite skincare products are:
Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Micellar Solution (to remove makeup and leave skin feeling hydrated and non-
Ultraceuticals Ultra Retexturing Body Complex – a rich body moisturiser; and
Ultraceuticals Ultra Dual Microfoliant – a micro-fine pure Vitamin C scrub, which leaves your skin feeling
clean and silky smooth.

Is there an appropriate time to consider using clinical solutions? I.e. Botox, fillers, lifts

Any time is an appropriate time if you want to look and feel your best. Following a consultation, we will guide you as to whether a particular clinical solution is suitable for you.
Many clients come to us for the first time because of an occasion, like a wedding, a school reunion, or a divorce.

The most important thing is being able to trust your clinic, and know that your clinicians understand the look you want to achieve.
At Total Face Group, we understand that we need to earn that trust, and make it a priority to reassure our clients that they are in safe hands. That’s what I am most proud of.

What are your top tips for skincare (treatments/products) across different age groups 20s, 30, 40s, 50s?

20s – Make sure you have a solid, simple skin care routine and book in for regular microdermabrasion and peels. Lip enhancement treatments are a popular treatment for our younger clients. Always wear sun screen.
30s – Consider laser treatments to undo sun damage. Clients in this age bracket are also prime candidates for CoolSculpting, to smooth troublesome fat in areas like the inner thighs and stomach/abdomen.
40s – When approaching their 40s, many clients start to use cosmetic injectables to soften fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes and forehead. Contouring, the plumping of cheeks and jowl softening is also popular.

Men want to define their jaw lines and soften harsh lines at this age. And they shouldn’t forget their skin!
The 40s are all about putting the ‘swagger’ back into your step, and getting back the confidence that might be waning.

50s – Skin and volume loss become the focus. Skin health, glow and elasticity can be addressed through laser treatments, Fraxel, Pelleve and Ulthera skin tightening technology. CoolSculpting is very popular for both and men and women in their 50s, to help reduce areas of stubborn fat that no amount
of exercise or diet can shift.


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