With summer in full force for the year, your skin is not the only thing you should be taking extra care of. Your hair also needs to be paid some special attention due to the harsh UV rays we expose it to, the chlorine filled pools we immerse ourselves in, and the salty seawater.

With too much exposure to the rays you hair becomes dehydrated, in turn breaking down the proteins in your hair, leaving it to be dull, dry and brittle as well as coloured hair subjected to fading.

Before stepping out onto the hot sand, spray your locks with a UV protection spray in order to protect against the sunrays and to lock in moisture. L’Oreal’s EverPure Protection Spray ($9.95) is a great lightweight spray that will not only lock in your hairs natural moisture but will also help prevent coloured hair to fade while out in the sun.

Kerastase also have a protection spray, Soleil Micro-Voile Protecteur ($42) that limits the negative effects of the sun, chlorine and salt water. The product not only protects your hair from UV rays and acts like a water proofer, but also adds suppleness and shine to your hair when it has been applied.

Kevin. Murphy’s Born.Again.Masque ($49.95) is a great antidote to hair hydration. The ingredients used in the masque, such as mango butter, vitamin E and B5 are designed to deeply penetrate into the depth of the hair shaft in order to provide it with nourishment and nutrition after a day out in the sun. The babasu oil also included in the product allows your hair to appear glossy and healthy by repairing the damage and building back up the hair’s strength.

L’Oreal have a shampoo and conditioner duo, Absolut Repair Cellular, which is designed for damaged hair namely caused by the sun. The shampoo will leave your hair feeling stronger, softer and smoother and will also give the appearance of being silky and nourished. The conditioner has the same effect, featuring lactic acid that provides deep-down care to revitalise dull and damaged tresses.



Images courtesy of L’Oreal, Kerastase and Kevin Murphy

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