I have always considered sunglasses the entry point for many into the world of luxury labels. For a few hundred dollars, say welcome to a fabulous pair of sunglasses that keep you on trend and your eyes protected. This season’s latest styles are nothing short of spectacular (I mean that!) with mixed media, glitter and gold all the rage.

Having been shown around the OPSM Eye Hub, if you often complain that there’s nothing that suits you, then you obviously haven’t visited this megastore. 2,000 sunglasses, a wind machine (to simulate cycling conditions) and Accufit technology that will get you in the best pair of optics for your face – I can vouch for this; my Paul Smith frames are the best that I’ve ever worn… so it’s a must try!

But let’s talk styles. 

Prada, long since the maven of the traditional frame, are becoming the leaders in dynamic eyewear. Last year’s Prada Baroque frames led the way and have since given birth to a wide range of interesting styles. Standouts include bold lines and cutouts mixed with traditional shapes such as the cat’s eye and the (almost) wayfarer  and pairs which feature the gorgeous 1950’s inspired flower embellishments. Don’t worry – the Baroque frames are still here and come in a few new variations.

Miu Miu, what can I actually say about their latest range? Rarely you see a design house use such interesting materials as Miu Miu has this season. The current collection features classic Miu Miu shapes such as the noir with façades made from velvet – and in case you thought you read that incorrectly, let me say it again – velvet. A must see.

Dolce & Gabanna, another fashion house that was once extremely traditional in their sunglass design, never steering away from golds and burnt colours have embraced fabrics, colours and materials as well. Last season’s solid gold pair of sunglasses (featured in the OPSM Eye Hub vault) was a standout and this season, for a more accessible option, sunglasses with delightful prints and coloured variations on their (now) signature lace print.

There is nothing like touching base with OPSM after a few months and finding out what else is new in store. There are so many brands that are constantly dropping new stock, so that when you think you’ve got your head around one season, in comes the next with a plethora of new brands. You have to love all this new exciting design!

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