With summer just around the corner, I can feel the anticipation building up inside me, like when you have a big gulp of beer and you can feel the carbon bubbles bursting as it slides down your throat and into the pit of your stomach. A strange sensation, but satisfying nonetheless.

Many lucky souls I know are off to never-never land this season, basking in the Caribbean sun, climbing down waterfalls in Argentina, frolicking in the Trevi Fountain in Rome. I, for one, will be enjoying the UV glares from the high rise buildings of the Melbourne’s CBD, pretending I’ve taken a trip to Vietnam on Victoria street, and strolling amongst a less-than-average crowd in Fitzroy wondering where everyone went this summer.

My ‘balcony with a view’, the view being the Yarra, just won’t cut it this season.

So what to do to entertain oneself these holidays?

1. Buy a polaroid camera. Take pictures.  Click, scan, upload. 

Nothing says summer more than a polaroid picture. Plus, you get all of those Instagram effects without even trying. You also look moderately interesting on social media.

2. Locate other lost souls, preferably one with a 4WD. Did someone say ROAD TRIP?!

Australia has lots of land to explore. I’ve never even been to Ayers Rock. Or Canberra. Or Perth. Or Adelaide. Or most of Australia. Why not get down and dirty, grab your tent and sleeping bag and drive around the great outback? You can be like those fun, life-loving teens in the Big M ads!

3. Fro. Yo. 

Those self-serve frozen yoghurt bars popping up around town are there for a reason. Keeping you feeling healthy and cool.

4. Go to a jazz bar.

Jazz bars are classy, smooth and sexy and Melbourne’s got plenty of them. It’s the perfect getaway from the city’s everyday chaos.

5. Host a barbeque.

If you can find enough lost souls to attend…

6. Date someone who lives by the sea.

I am lucky in the sense that the person I love, who also loves me, happens to lives near water. Lots of it. So thus, my Melbourne coma can be broken up on weekends. My advice? Learn to surf.

7. Become a Wes Anderson film buff.

Did you know that all of Wes Anderson’s films have a signature slo-mo/overdramatic background music scene? Think about it. Life Aquatic. The Royal Tenenbaums. Moonrise Kingdom. When Gwyneth Paltrow hops off the bus as Margot. You know what I’m talking about. No? Well, what do you think this dot point is here for?

8. Make the perfect summer playlist. Headphones in, magazine out. 

The Cure, Pixies, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, The Middle East and Arctic Monkeys should feature at least once. And don’t be stingy with the SPF.

9. Temporarily delete traveling friends off all social media. 

How else are you supposed to remain stable-minded with all of their ‘Europe! 1’, ‘2’ & ‘3’ albums uploading constantly onto Facebook?

10. Shopping fixes everything. Almost. 

Wake up, you’re spending the summer in the city! Shops are all around you so swipe that credit card. Trust me, with the sweltering heat outside, you will not feel guilty under those ice-cool, department store air conditioners.


And suddenly, summer doesn’t seem as envy-ridden anymore.

About The Author

Anne Hasegawa

Anne is the fashion editor at Couturing. A Melbourne born, internationally bred girl with a passion for all things creative, she is also a hobbie photographer and explorer when she's not trapped in her reverie of dreams and visions. A creative wunderkind who is as intense as Yayoi Kusama's installations, Anne dreams of Mancini's Moon River and one day hopes to live in her own Golightly loft.

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